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5 amazing ways to kill the fruit flies

fruit flies

Annoyed of the gnat-like insects buzzing around the food items kept in your kitchen all the time? Well, we have found the perfect solution for you to get rid of them. These insects are known as fruit-flies, which mainly show up during the summer season. As the name suggests, these pesky bugs are overly fond of the ripened fruits. Here are 5 most amazing ways to save your ripened tomatoes, squashes, bananas, and other fruits from the fruit flies.

  1. DIY wrap from Apple cider vinegar and Plastic: To prepare a trap for the fruit flies, all you need is a glass or an empty bottle containing very little apple cider vinegar. Make sure to cover the opening with a plastic wrap and secure it with a rubber band. Now, poke some holes for the fruit flies to enter. Unable to resist the smell of vinegar, the flies will remain trapped.
  2. Use Vinegar with dish soap: This is the easiest way, in which all you need to do is use a few drops of dish soap along with vinegar in a bowl and leave it uncovered. The soap will remove the surface tension of the solution and the fruit flies will sink and drown in it.
  3. Use an old fruit: This is another trap that you can set up with old ripe fruit and very little vinegar in a jar. Now take a paper and roll it into a cone and place the narrow end downwards (inside the jar). The smell of the degenerating fruit along will vinegar will entice the fruit flies and once they are in the cone will make it difficult for them to come out of the jar.
  4. Avoid keeping the ripe fruits on the countertop: Keep the ripe fruits in the refrigerator or covered in a paper bag when placing it on the countertop. The cooling temperature of the refrigerator slows down the ripening process of the fruits. When the fruit starts to ripe it degenerates emitting ethanol which is the main reason why fruit flies are attracted to ripe fruits.
  5. Make use of the essential oils: Fruit flies generally avoid strong smell; therefore, using any essential oil in your house or in the area where you store your ripened fruits will be very helpful in repelling the fruit flies. Place a basil plant near the fruit bowl or put some basil leaves in it. Also, a sponge soaked in lavender oil or any other essential oil will help you get rid of fruit flies effectively.

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