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5 Apps helping millennial fight the money battle during pandemic

Workforce millennials is facing the worst downturn since the pandemic. Saddled with debt, unable to accumulate wealth, and stuck in low-benefit, dead-end jobs, they are struggling with financial security. Some of them might be entering their peak earning years. People say that desperate times need desperate measures. Enclosed are 5 such apps which might have given an interesting way to deal with their financial challenges.

Groww – Being a new age investment app, youngsters have increased their usage time of the app. They are looking at different products and probably gaining knowledge to make a wise financial decision with their current income. Groww is one such app has been able to create a user base of 8 million for itself since its launch and maintain an impressive growth trajectory. The platform helps you transact in mutual funds and also stocks online. Groww has freed us from dependency and enabled us to make informed decisions by ourselves.

Pocket52 – The pandemic has left people with uncertainty about their job security. Some of them experienced salary cut while some with job loss. Alternatively, they looked at monetizing some their skills like playing Poker which is a game of skill. They opted for platforms like Pocket52 which is India’s first cryptographically secured poker platform and poker network. Pocket52 has come across players who were able to support his parents’ medical needs with his poker skills.

Plop Stories – The lockdown saw a huge surge in book reading, but the publishing industry saw a huge setback amidst the pandemic. This definitely had put a lot of young writers in a pickle. However, apps like Plop Stories is providing a platform to experienced and inexperienced writers to leverage their writing skills to their benefit. Plop enables creators to dabble with interactive content, gaming and write ups to come and stage their own created stories and get paid in lieu of that.

Batooni- Batooni is an Indore based adtech startup that is focusing on earning money by just dialing a number. It plays an 8 to 10 second video advertisement in the mobile when one makes a call and automatically credits money in the mobile account for having watched the ad. The app reimburses for the time invested in watching the video and instantly transfers money to your mobile wallet. This is definitely an interesting way to support the financial instability of the Millennials. 

JobsForHer- Founded in 2015, JobsForHer enables women to accelerate their careers by connecting over 2 million (and counting) women candidates registered on the platform to 7500+ companies across the country.  Besides for job opportunities, the platform also connects women with professional communities, mentors, reskilling and events through which they can showcase their skills and capabilities.  No matter the stage of career, JobsForHer provides opportunities for women to start, restart and rise in their careers.


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