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5 Bangle styles that are perfect for Bridal wear!

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When the grand day arrives you want to look perfect, in every sense of the term. Jewelry is an essential part of bridal decorations. Even though everyone concentrates on purchasing the best necklaces for the wedding, but bangles are equally important for a complete look. Many ceremonies involved in a grand Indian wedding are in fact centered on the hands of the Indian bride. Keeping that in mind, it is important to choose the best bangles for the mega event. Luckily, the modern day brides can select from a range of stylish and glamorous bangles. We thought of presenting the five best bangle types that really transform your looks for the better.

  • Kada: Kada is a traditional bangle meant for big occasions. They are wider and heavier than some of the commonly found bangles. Such bangles are fitted with hinges that can be used to lock the Kada to the wrists easily. Kada comes in a wide range of designs. While the best outcomes are found in the Golden varieties, but there are many artificial varieties also available in the market.
  • Kangan: It is by far the most preferred bridal bangle type. Brides of any culture across India wear at least one pair of Kangan during their wedding festivities. The intricate designs in the golden kangans are a real show stealer. For regal looks one can choose the Kangans that are studded with colorful gemstones.
  • Glass Bangles: Though glass varieties of bangles are not as glamorous as their other counterparts, but they have traditionally been a part of weddings. Simplicity is the real highlight of such bangles. Coming in an assortment of colors, they are a real treat for the eyes. You can pair them with the Kada or Kangan to breathe a new life into your looks.
  • Haath Phool: These are kinds of hand chains that were commonly worn by the royalty in the yesteryears. But today they have become trend setters in terms of bridal wear. They are uniquely designed and that draws admiring glares towards your hands.
  • Diamond Bangles: If you are planning a high-end wedding then nothing can be better than the diamond bangles. The diamond is encrusted into the bangle and that blesses the piece with supreme beauty. Diamond bangles go well with any dress and add the desired sparkle to your bridal wear.

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