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5 Basic Camera Accessories You Need For Vlogging

Being a Youtuber has become a career rather than a passion for many; and if you are also looking to progress in this field, you need the right gears. Having the right camera accessories for vlogging will differentiate you from amateurs. So, what are the essential accessories for vlogging? Here are five of them:

Tripod: The first important accessory you need for vlogging (apart from the camera of course) is a good tripod. Now what kind you buy will depend on what kind of vlogging you are doing. If you are on road most of the time, you will need a tripod that is of low weight so that you can carry it around. For those who are going to use the camera in a room, and have a heavier camera, you need a tripod that can hold 5 to 6 kg. If you want the tripod to attach to a table or other places, you will need a gorilla pod.

Light equipment: The next important accessory is light equipment. Nothing beats natural lightening, but you can’t always have them. So, you need a lightening kit that has two soft lights that you can position on both of your sides while recording. Another good lighting equipment is the ring light where you place the camera between the ring. They are perfect for taking selfies.

Microphone: The third important camera accessory is a microphone. This is an important part of your vlogging equipment because viewers will overlook poorly shot videos but not one with very low or bad audio! Most cameras come with their in-built microphone, but if want to be known as a professional, you need an external microphone while vlogging. For best results, use a microphone that can be attached to a recorder and not just the camera.

Spare Batteries: Nothing can be sadder than you running out of battery at the crucial moment of your vlogging. So, always keep at least two spare batteries with your cameraaccessories. For the best result, go for lithium rechargeable batteries. Of course, always remember to charge them at night before you go out for your vlog.

Drones: Now that drones in a restricted manner have been allowed in India, get one for that stunning vlog you always wanted. Make sure you follow your local guidelines before purchasing one as not all drones are allowed in India at the moment.

So, these are the 5 most basic accessories for your camera that you need to have if you are vlogging on a regular basis.


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