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5 Benefits of listening to music

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This morning I woke up feeling inspired, but when I sat down in front of my computer everything changed. It was as if all that inspiration had come out the window. What can I do now to inspire me? I started looking around my office and came across the headphones that were placed on my desk.

Definitely music is one of the greatest sources of inspiration when it comes to writing. Of course, the style I choose is quite calm so I can concentrate and be more productive.

But doing this not only serves to entertain or inspire, there are many benefits of listening to music. Through a previous article we talked about the effects of music on the brain and how it has thousands of receptors that respond to different aspects of music such as tone, rhythm and lyrics.

The combination of these elements causes that they improve the linguistic abilities and increase the creativity. Which causes people to have better results academically and emotionally.

The latter is because it has the ability to positively influence the state of or, as long as the style of music is appropriate.

This time we want to talk to you about how listening to music or How to Use Subliminal can benefit you in different areas, valuable information that was shared by the Music Instruments Center site :

1. Mental health

One of the benefits of listening to music is how it helps people suffering from mental illness. This is due to 4 reasons:

  • The meaning of the lyrics of some songs helps them to process thoughts and feelings that they can not convey in an ordinary conversation.
  • It helps them express emotions , either by drawing anger with loud sounds produced by a drums or by relaxing with the soft music produced by a piano.
  • Listening to music alters and improves certain moods.
  • Writing their own songs helps them to express their story , experiences and feelings better .

Music as a medical treatment

Depending on the disease, the music is used for a specific purpose:

Alzheimer’s and Dementia, is used as therapy to evoke an emotion that brings to memory some feeling or moment.

Depression, listening to music helps significantly improve the mood of people suffering from this disease.

Anxiety, music helps to reduce the nervousness, fear, apprehension and worry that this disease entails.

2. Physical health

As we observed in the previous image, there are multiple benefits of listening to music for physical health . It reduces pain, improves the immune system, reduces blood pressure, depression, headaches and fatigue.

This was proven through various studies conducted in specialized places in the United States such as the Medical Center of the University of Maryland in Baltimore and the Abbot Northwestern Hospital in Minneapolis.

Where it was observed that both anxiety, pain and blood pressure decreased when people listened to relaxing music.

In addition, listening to animated music has other effects such as helping resistance and concentration  while exercising. On the other hand, listening to relaxing, classical or environmental music helps relieve insomnia symptoms and improve the quality of sleep.

3. Human behavior

Our behavior can be greatly influenced by the music we hear.

In the workplace it helps us stay focused and active , in general it helps us to be more productive. Depending on the task we must perform is the type of music we should listen to:

  • Pop – for quick and precise tasks.
  • Classical – for mathematical problems.
  • Environmental – to avoid making mistakes in data entry tasks.

In the educational area it helps block the outside world and we concentrate on studying, learn more efficiently and develop better intellectual skills.

Music even influences our behavior when driving in transit.

If we are listening to quiet music, that way we will manage. On the other hand, if we listen to other types of music such as hip – hop or heavy rock, we are more likely to drive faster and increase the risk of car accidents.

4. Personality

Has it happened to you that when you are listening to animated music or feel happier and more confident in yourself? This is because the music you listen to influences your personality.

Usually people who are going through a difficult time listen to sad or melancholic music because they find relief in it. On the other hand if you are going through an emotion of anger or frustration is more likely to listen to heavy music as rock.

5. Early development

The benefits of listening to music begin very early. Exposing babies to pregnant women before their birth helps not only to sleep more peacefully but also to improve their learning abilities.

Through a study conducted at McMaster University, two groups of 1-year-old infants were submitted. In the first they let them play with percussion instruments while their parents sang them lullabies. While in the second they were given toys with music by Baby Einstein in the background.

The results showed that in the first group babies were obtained who smiled more, communicated better and had a better response to music.

Another study concluded that singing lullabies and producing simulated sounds to the mother’s womb improved oxygen levels in the blood and decreased stress in infants.

As you can see, listening to music is extremely beneficial for different areas of our life. Therefore, dare to listen to her and get the best out of her!

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