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5 Best Mobile Phones with the high battery backup

Smartphone are not only phone these days, in fact, Smartphone is life line these days, means if you have professional use of Smartphone means you would require to send emails, received emails, look in to some information in internet. People have heavy use of phone like making calls and many more activities.  If you are not using mobile professionally, even then phones are used to chit chat over many messaging apps these days, further playing games and clicking photos and selfies. All these use of function needs to have a heavy battery power. Means you do require battery power to be substantial in view of getting much out of it.

So the most of the people do look for good battery and in market we have many options to buy a smartphone which is enabled with high battery. Now, here we would like name some of them. In fact we are here brining 5 Best mobile Phones with the high batter backup.

Here we will go by high to low sequence by their battery power capacity.

Lenevo P2 is high end phone and the price is about Rs. 17000. In our list it has got number 1 rank, as it has  5100 mAh battery , it is huge,  let’s say a normal battery back if available with 2500 mAh battery, means this phone covers double power.

Asus Zenfone Max is at reasonable price of about Rs.12000 and has to 5000 mAh battery capacity. In this price such battery power is quite good feature of the phone. Also this phone is good with other specifications like 2 GB RAM, 16 GB Internal Memory, must you can do with external memory by adding further 64 GB.

Samsung Galaxy A9 Pro, this phones costs double of Lenevo P2, its cost is close to Rs. 35000. Let’s see the battery power, which is 5000 mAh. Well someone who is looking for a phone with moderate price, may avoid it, but this truly good phone, it has 6 inch display. Front camera 13 Megapixel and Rear camera with 16 Megapixel.

Xiaomi Mi Max is again good phone with price tag of approx. Rs. 15000. This phone has got 4850 mAh battery power, great!.

Zenfone 3 Max comes with 4130 mAh battery power, this phone ranges Rs. to 15000.  Good phone with specifications like 1.25Ghz quad-core, 32 GB Memory, further expandable is 32. Total 64 GB, not bad.

Smartphone appears smart with their battery too, so we must look for phone, considering the usage of mobile phone in a day.

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