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5 best robotic cleaning assistants for this festive season

Since Diwali is around the corner and cleaning is a must for this festival, most of us still scared of the idea to ask cleaning staff for help. Due to such a problem, you cannot refrain yourself cleaning home this festive season. So, now is the time to switch from the traditional ways of cleaning to modern solutions with the wide range of robotic cleaners, they can be the fine helping hands for the consumers who are constantly looking for a convenient solution for the hassle and risk-free festivals. Here is the list of 5 robotic cleaners that can demonstrate to be your best assistants for this festive season:  
iRobot – The iRobot Genius platform also allows the Braava M6 to evolve and get smarter over time, providing new ways for customers to clean their unique homes. The Wi-Fi connected Braava jet m6 robot mop helps tackle sticky messes, grime, and kitchen grease throughout your entire home. Attach a mopping or sweeping pad, and the robot gets to work. Their iRobot HOME App gives you complete control from anywhere — letting you schedule, customise, and select the rooms you want cleaned from your smartphone. 
Milagrow – Milagrow now sells all kinds of robots for various purposes including education, healthcare, and domestic chores. Some of its robots are even humanoids. The Milagrow iMap 10.0 can sweep, vacuum, and mop the floor simultaneously. This disc-shaped robot has wheels at the bottom to drive itself around, a single brush on the right side to sweep dirt towards the vacuum zone, a rubber roller brush with bristles to pick up dirt, and a single dust compartment that doubles up as a water reservoir for mopping.
Cecotec – Cecotec has developed “Special Indian Customer need centric Robot Floor Cleaners” where they understand the need to have features like mopping & scrubbing because these functions are part of the day-to-day cleaning routine of an Indian household. Conga 1090 Connected will sweep, vacuum, mop and scrub the floor simultaneously thanks to its mixed tank for solids and liquids. Clean 100% of the surface covered in an efficient manner. 
Ecovacs – Ecovac’s Deebot Ozmo T8 is effective all-in-one cleaning removes over 99% of bacteria on floors. An electronically controlled water pump provides precise water flow control, and automatic carpet detection avoids carpets when mopping to keep them from getting wet. A full-size 240mL water tank covers over 2,000 square feet.
ILifecare – ILIFE brings robot cleaning technology into your everyday life. From powerful & Smart Cleaning Partner series to Friendly & Multiple Cleaning Helper Series, their multi functional robot cleaners autonomously handle indoor dust, dirt and pet shedding, reducing hassle factors. ILIFE’s V5s Pro is 2-in-1 vacuuming and mopping robot vacuum.V5s Pro can handle vacuuming and mopping for you, so you can spend more time with your family. 

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