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5 brands to look up to in order to amplify your personality

  1. toothsi – The perfect solution for your smile makeover. Brand the toothsi, established in November 2018, is India’s first and largest at-home smile makeover service, helps you transform your smile. The company offers personalized dental aligners that are invisible, flexible, and do not hamper the mouth movement. They follow an end-to-end, full-stack, customer-oriented model that manages all processes – including at home first scanning session, counseling, customised treatment plan, and video consultation. The aligners are manufactured – in-house. The brand toothsi aligners are up to 70% more affordable than most other teeth crowding, crossbite, etc. options available. Since its inception, toothsi has expanded its operational footprint to 7 cities across India, including Delhi/NCR, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Pune, Hyderabad, Chandigarh, and Ahmedabad. It is one of the best options for you if you are conscious about your teeth gap and feel hesitant because of traditional braces, crossbite . Go for it and get that smile which will be a head turner.

  1. Udemy – Confidence is Sexy! If you are confident, you will always attract people towards you. If you feel that you are lacking confidence, it is the correct time to join any personality development classes which will help you build confidence and enhance your personality even better. Udemy is one of the most popular and trusted platforms for the same. They have a “Transform your confidence and self – esteem complete course” which will actually help you to develop a winning mindset wherever you go.

  1. Toastmasters International – The way you speak reflects your personality to a large extent. If you don’t have good public speaking skills, then you will certainly create a bad impression. Working on one’s speaking skill to boost up your personality is a must. There are many programs and classes available which helps you to improve your communication skills. Worldwide famous Toastmasters International is a great platform to evolve yourself and your public speaking skills. Speaking in an assertive manner adds on to your personality and you never know whom you will impress which will add a great impact in your life.

  1. Urban Company – Self grooming is very important. When you look good, it automatically boosts up your self confidence and intensifies your personality. It is very crucial to look presentable, especially in the corporate world. While most of the people are still resisting themselves to visit a Salon and groom themselves up, Urban Company brings an instant solution to your doorstep. Urban Company provides on demand quality home services to all their customers. All their professionals are well trained and have on job expertise. Urban Company is hence one of the best go to options for getting groomed at your own comfort and shine out in the crowd.

  1. BestifyMe –  If you are willing to work on your personality and don’t know where to start with, the easiest way is to download a personality development app.  BestifyMe is the one of the best self-improvement apps that you shouldn’t miss. This personality development app has been designed to improve your personality through tons of useful tips, training, skill-sharing, and quotes. The app includes a personality development training guide along with expert advice to help you in real life. It also comes with personal development tools, Inspirational quotes, and more. It also has easy to understand content for several personal development tools.

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