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5 Brands to watch that are working towards Self-Reliance, Atma Nirbhar Bharat mission to promote Domestic Manufacturing Capability in the EV Space

In the past few years, the electronic vehicle (EV) market as well as the mobility market has seen an immense growth. Keeping this growth in mind, most of the companies associated with the EV industry are focusing on becoming self-dependent. Here are five brands to look out for which are working towards self-reliance, Atma Nirbhar Bharat mission to promote Domestic Manufacturing Capability in the EV Space

  1. Nexzu Mobility:Nexzu Mobility, formerly known as Avan Motors, was one of the early adopters of electric mobility in India. Since then, the main focus of the brand has been towards becoming self-reliant and to promote domestic manufacturing capability in the EV space. Pankaj Tiwari, the business development head at Nexzu Mobility, mentioned in an interview that there is a huge transition in the transport and commute habits of people and that people are very quickly shifting from Internal Combustion Engines (ICE) to electric. Currently, they have a manufacturing base in Pune which manufactures about 1,800-2000 vehicles from scratch. The brand is on a constant move to acquire more employees so that they can promote the idea of Atma Nirbhar Bharat.
  1. Omega Seiki:Omega Seiki Pvt. Ltd realized the potential of the mobility industry in India when they saw the electric vehicle wave in the country. It was at that moment they realized that they need to be completely self-dependent in order to make a name for their brand in the EV industry space. Banking on this thought they set up their own manufacturing unit in Faridabad and most of the components used for putting an EV product are manufactured in-house.
  1. BattRe Electrics:Another brand that has been working continuously towards making ‘atmanirbharata’ their magic chant is BattRe Electrics. They have brought down the cost of their ownership by 20 to 25 percent and have set up their own manufacturing units outside of Jaipur and are employing locales to do most of the manufacturing work.
  2. Lohum Cleantech:Lohum Cleantech provides lithium-ion batteries to several mobility solution brands. According to Rajat Verma, the idea of Lohum Cleantech was generated from his interest in electronic waste management. The manufacturing unit is located in Greater Noida and the USP of the brand lies in aiding EV companies to maximize their battery life cycle which helps in saving resources.
  1. PMI Electro Mobility Solutions:PMI electro Mobility Solutions came into existence when the EV wave hit the Indian market. Founded by Satish Jain in 2017, the company focuses on setting up battery and motor-manufacturing facilities in order to become self-reliant and fulfill the mission to promote Domestic Manufacturing Capability in the EV Space.

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