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5 excuses people make for not buying a travel insurance plan

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Everyone wants to travel the world and Travelling has become a very important part of our lives in nowadays. Whether it is for leisure time or business work, people have become mobile than ever before. With such a remarkable increase in number of travellers, there has also been an increase in travel related risks like loss of baggage on the airport, loss of passport etc. However, people are still reluctant in buying travel insurance. Here are a few excuses people give.

People make all kinds of excuses for not buying travel insurance. This is risky as travelling without an insurance plan is not a good idea at all.

We always look for excuses for things which we don’t feel are important but they are! So is the case with travel insurance. Including me, we are guilty of once. Listed below are some of the most common excuses that people make for not getting a travel insurance plan. Take a look and make sure you stay far away from them!

While buying travel insurance plan people makes many excuses, here we are coming up with 5 most famous and most used excuses people make while buying travel insurance plan :-

  1. Nope, Travel Insurance is too Expensive

In India it is common If we are not wrong then You must have spent a lot of amount on your trip, right! so , kindly think passionately  Spend a little more amount that is measurable  and ensure your security , your security of life, in case you face any unforeseen situation while travelling towards your destination. So in that case Your travel insurance company will act like a warm blanket in such situations and will ensure that you are secured, so you must have to buying  travel insurance.

2, Rubishh!  Nothing Will Happen to My Bags

According to reports says, about 24 million bags go missing at airports each year. Yes 24 million Hence there is a possibility that your bag might get delayed while reaching towards your destination or might not reach you at all. Seriously Imagine being stranded in an unfamiliar place without your essential things. Scary, isn’t it? Travel insurance comes handy in such a situation and covers you for loss of checked-in baggage. Also, it will be a saviour in case you misplace your passport, make yourself buying travel insurance , whenever you are travelling  by flight by bus or by train do have a travel insurance it will make your journey easier than previously it was with hectic and full of tensions.

  1. Health Insurance Will definitely Cover Me In Case of Medical Emergencies

Unfortunately, most health insurance policies cannot be used internationally but people pop up that they will cover them self under any life or mediclaim policy. Hence it is always advisable to opt for a travel insurance policy and save yourself from medical emergencies and other travel related risks on your trip.

Health insurance will not cover you under this type of circumstances so make yourself think twice and do buy travel insurance.

  1. Ohh !! My Trip is Well Planned, Nothing Can Go Wrong

Even if you have packed your bags and ready to fly, life is uncertain! Right, anything can happen at any time in life,  You never know when you might have to curtail or cancel your trip because of some emergency arrived. It is always better to buy travel insurance and get covered for such situations.

Although , your trip is well 100% planned but it can be more secure with travel insurance you take.

  1. No sense as Travel Insurance is Short-Lived

Yes, we do agree that travel insurance expires once you return from your trip it have short lived but value the time you travel and you take your life on high upward parameters, buying travel insurance in hassle free But also it will give you peace of mind knowing that you’re secure against any mishaps during your travels, and isn’t that enough?

Travelling opens new doors of knowledge and enhances your personality. While you are gaining new experiences in life, make sure you secure yourself from financial blows by investing in travel insurance.

Clearly mentioning that making excuses won’t help you anymore in getting or buying travel insurance plan will. So keep all your justifications aside and look for a good travel plan. There is no substitute for insurance. This holds true all the more when you are travelling to a foreign land. Whether on work or holiday, you would always want the trip to be safe and uneventful. So opt for a good travel insurance plan and say goodbye to all the travel issues that may occur you on the trip make yourself buying travel insurance today for a safe journey.

By: Purva Jain

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