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5 Factors You Should Consider Before Choosing a Wedding Banquet

After attending a few weddings, it’s quite possible for you to think that picking up a wedding venue is easier said than done. Not quite. Choosing a wedding banquet is a big deal. It requires an endless stream of decisions to make sure that your guests are impressed, and your wedding is perfect.

Here are a few things you should consider before finalising the wedding banquet hall.

  1. Your wedding budget

Firstly, determine the maximum amount you would be willing to spend on the entire wedding. Define the elements involved in the wedding and create a budget for each element. For example, some of the elements involved in a wedding are – food, stay, photography, decoration, catering, etc. Once you know the budget for each of these elements, finding the best wedding banquet hall within your budget becomes easy.

  1. Number of guests

It is important that you decide on the number of guests you want to entertain. It’ll be easier to decide on the wedding venue.

  • Are you planning a small or a big wedding?
  • Do you want 300 or 1000 guests?

Answering these questions locks down the size of the banquet hall you are looking for. The wedding hall has to be of the right size; if it’s too small, your guests can get claustrophobic and if it’s too large, the atmosphere won’t be exciting.

  1. Wedding Date

If you have a specific date for your wedding in mind, you may have limited wedding venues that can accommodate you. You can check the availability of the wedding banquet on your preferred date by calling them, emailing them or just checking their online calendar.

If you’re flexible with dates, you have quite a lot of options for your dream wedding venue. One major advantage of having a flexible wedding date is that you can schedule your wedding in the off-peak season. During this time, there’ll be less competition and you may get the banquet at a lower price.

  1. The Location

The first thing you need to check about the banquet hall is its accessibility. This is more important if you have a large number of guests travelling to attend your wedding.

  • Is it accessible by road?
  • Is it near to the airport?
  • Is there guest accommodation at the venue?
  • Does the wedding venue have ample parking space?

If the answer to these questions is a no, then you are obviously going to make it inconvenient for your guests.

  1. Catering services

Weddings are mostly about food, especially for the guests. If the food is bad, guest will talk. If the food is good, guests will remember. Therefore, it makes all the sense in the world to offer your guests varied options to satiate their palates. A wedding venue with affordable catering services and exotic food choices that include Continental, Mughlai, Italian, Chinese, Indian, etc. is an excellent choice. 

If you have run your wedding banquet options through the factors mentioned above, you may have found the right one. Now, it’s time to lock down the date for that banquet hall.

Have a great wedding!


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