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 5 healthcare items one must have at home during pandemic

As we all are aware, the whole world is going through the difficult phase of global pandemic COVID-19. According to Kunal Saha, Director and Co-Founder Vandelay Brands, “The second wave has calmed down and as per the doctors, researchers and experts, the nation will face the third wave soon. In such a situation, it is necessary to have some essential items at our homes so that we can protect ourselves as well as our family.”

Be prepared. It’s how we must roll these days. Given that many people who contract COVID-19 will recuperate at home, it’s a good idea to prepare an emergency at-home care package ahead of time.

We must keep home health care products at our home including a digital infrared thermometer to check the body temperature. A Pulse Oximeter to check the oxygen level (oxygen saturation) of the blood is also a must. It is simple and painless to keep an eye on how well oxygen is being transferred to all the body parts.

Masks are an easy blockade which helps in preventing the respiratory droplets from reaching others and also from others to us. It is mandatory to have good quality masks at our homes. It is necessary to have all kinds of masks in our homes. We must have sets of 3 ply surgical face masks, N-95 masks, 4-ply face masks – activated carbon & melt blown – anti pollution and woven fabric reusable masks.

Multivitamins including Vitamin D3, Vitamin C, and chewable Zinc tablets are needed for boosting the immunity. During the second wave, most of the patients died due to cardiac arrest after recovering from COVID-19. The fact makes Omega 3 fish oil essential as it helps in preventing and managing cardiac diseases.

A steamer is highly beneficial as it helps in giving relief to blocked nose and cough deposits in the upper respiratory tract. It is also beneficial because it promotes circulation, releases acne-causing bacteria and cells, it releases trapped sebum, helps your skin better absorb skin care products and promotes collagen and elastin.

If it is possible to keep this at home then it is advisable to keep it. An oxygen concentrator is a machine that extracts oxygen from the air, concentrates it for therapeutic use, and filters out other gases. Concentrators have the advantage of being less expensive and not requiring replenishing like tanks.

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