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5 Ice Cream Cake Ideas for Grand Birthday Bash

ice cream cake

Whenever you go for restaurant and you will say to child what do you want, the first answer is ice-crème. Not just to kids this is a favorite dessert of all age. Everyone loves to melt it in mouth and indulge in the great taste of ice-crème. Same manner cake is a special dessert all would love to steal first. The nice slice of cake really uplifts the mood. Think about if both taste come together. You get heavenly taste right. So your wish has come true. We have discovered some delectable ice-crème cakes ideas for celebrating the joyful occasions. Let’s see to it right down here. If you have no time to bake, then order cakes online to celebrate happy moment.

Chocolate Chip Cookie Ice Cream Cake

What a great treat. You get crunch of cookie, a delectable taste of chocolate and the soft and melting side of ice crème as well. Think of the delectable taste of Chocó chip cookie ice crème cake. Top part is decorated with chocolate chip cookies. In the middle you get soft side of fudge sauce. The cake edges are adorned with sticking the Chocó chips. The next level ice crème cake is ready to experience the worldly taste you never tested before.

S’mores Ice Cream Cake

The spice and sweet lovers would love to finish it as faster as they can. It gives a special kick off after taste to sweet cravings. This cake has all the reasons to become the center of attraction. The graham cracker on the side of cake helps to hide the fluffy ice-crème inside. The melted marshmallow is a summer’s favorite dessert. You can pull these entire three ingredients into one form to make a summer’s coolest cake. You want to avoid lengthy process of baking cake!

Nutella Crunch Ice Cream Cake

It is the easiest cake recipe everyone would love to finish faster in seconds. No more ingredients required to make this gooey no-bake cake. Get some rice crispier cereals and pour the nutella into this and mix it every well. Now cool it down into fridge for some time. Take it out and make a sandwich cake. First pour nutella mixture and then spread vanilla ice-crème layer and then cover it with nutella covered cereals. If you wish you can also add coat it with frozen nutella. Decorate the top layer with dried fruits and shredded chocolate. A healthy ice-crème cake is ready to serve.

Coffee Ice Cream Cake

Caffeine lover adults can enjoy the fusion of coffee with mouth melting ice-crème. Coffee flavored ice-caramel is easily available in any dairy shops. You need to prepare a brownie at home. First of all get the brownie baked in round tin. You need to prepare upper and lower layers. First of all put the down layer into cake tin. And now slowly spread the ice-crème cake over this. Again put the second brownie sheet and then spread the coffee ice-crème on this. If you wish you can drizzle this cake with caramel or liquid chocolate.

 Mint Chocolate Brownie Ice Cream Cake

Mint flavored ice-crème is on demand in summer. Mint flavor is soothing and it invites a great cooling sensation to body. So here we will make mint chocolate brownie ice crème cake. No worries if you have a short of time. You can make it in advance before the celebration arrive. You need to get some ingredients like brownie sheets, whipped crème, mint flavored ice crème and some mint chocolate chips, pearls and multicolor sprinkles for garnishing. First of all in cake tin insert one thin brownie sheet. Now spread a mint flavored ice-crème on it. Thereafter pour chocolate layer on the cooled ice-crème. And thereafter adorn it with cooled whipping crème layers. Now garnish the top floor with the edible sprinkles. Return this cake into fridge for some time. You can freeze this cake to use it in celebration time.

Wish your friend, family and colleague a great celebration of life sending them birthday cake online. Certain taste are unforgettable and you can’t find such an after taste treat in any. Certainly these ice-crème cakes have a good taste-total heaven. And it is prepared in minimal efforts. So this birthday surprise your love one, kid or family with this unique ice-crème cake.

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