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5 Innovations to Witness At COVID19 Essential Expo India 2020

As several small and medium industries have been adversely impacted by the ongoing COVID-19 contagion in the country, the business community is roping in all efforts to stabilize the situation and rejuvenate the ailing economy. In a bid to transform the black swan COVID-19 pandemic into a lucrative business opportunity, TradeIndia, India’s largest B2B marketplace offering global buyers and sellers a reliable platform to identify trustworthy business partners, shall be organizing the country’s first virtual tradeshow titled, COVID-19 Essentials Expo India between August 5th-7th,2020 and will be conducted via the virtual medium.

The event will be targeted towards reviving the various SMEs and MSMEs of the country whose operations have been affected due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The tradeshow will feature 3D stalls or immersive virtual spaces that enable attendees to sift through the various product lineups, access business catalogs while interacting with exhibitors via chat or video conference.Featuring more than 60 booths and with an experience spanning over 20 years in online marketing space and event promotion, TradeIndia enjoys the largest industry database in the country that holds countless prospective visitors and investors for one’s brand. The essential range of products that will be central to the trade show are Surgical dressing and Disposable; Personal safety equipment; Personal care products; Common medicines and drugs; Temperature instruments; Medical, diagnostic & hospital supplies; Home cleaning appliances and more.

Here are 5 not to miss innovations to amaze you at the COVID19 Essential Expo India 2020:

JARVIS- Staqu Technologies Pvt. Ltd. – Utilizing the AI prowess, Staqu Technologies Pvt. Ltd. has developed a product, JARVIS that automates the whole process of monitoring the workplaces and ensuring that everybody is following these guidelines to minimize the spread of infections. JARVIS has proven to be one of the best Artificial Intelligence-based customizable Video Analytics Engine with state-of-the-art facial recognition technology and intelligent monitoring of objects, crowds, perimeters, and vehicles.This product utilizes, existing CCTV cameras and gives real-time alerts in case a person inside the premises is violating any of the norms. And the best part is that it doesn’t require any human interaction. JARVIS can help you with: Face Mask Identification, Social Distancing Check, Fever Identification (FR), Contact tracing, Hygiene Check, Video Wall with Real-Time Alerts, and more.

UV and Delivery Disinfection Robots-  Janyu Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

UV disinfection technologies can play a role in a multiple barrier approach to reduce the transmission of the virus causing COVID-19, SARS-CoV-2. UV Disinfection Trolley can effectively clean up hospital spaces to combat COVID-19. The UV-C irradiation with a peak intensity at 254 nm has been a proven technology for disinfecting air, water, and instruments for over a century. UV-C JUGNU from JanyuTech is powered by UV-C lamps. UV-C JUGNU has a WiFi connection with a camera to get live Audio-Visuals of the path to the control station and interact along with the travel, announcing various messages. The Robot has a power selection option to increase the intensity of the UV system. Obstruction sensing is provided at the front and back for effective driving.

Testing Kits, Ivermectin Products, Antibacterial Soaps – Safecon Lifesciences – Based in excise free zone in Uttarakhand, Safecon Lifesciences is engaged in researching, manufacturing, and marketing all types of Injection, Bolus, internal & external Liquid, Powders, external powders & Shampoo for pets, etc. Their range of Medicare products is highly demanded in various government hospitals, private hospitals, dispensaries, etc. The Ivermectin salt and tablets are the Ivermectin products that customers can buy from them. These are prescribed for the treatment of parasitic infections of eyes, skin, and intestinal tract. The brand has also launched testing kits which are quite efficient to use.  Products like Corosafe soap is an antibacterial soap developed and supplied by our company. Everyone can use this soap just like normal bath soap to fight germs and body odor. Safecon Lifesciences has marked its prominence in Indian markets, by providing top-notch quality of products.

N-95 and 3Ply Mask Making Machines-   BFW Kothari Group BFW was born in 1961 to realize the dream of a young economy that was on the cusp of industrialization. Ever since they have been at the heart of manufacturing. They have supported the growth of the Indian industry by creating the machine tools vital for industries, across verticals – from plastic buckets to aerospace projects.The N-95 and the 3 Ply Mask Making Machines are fully automatic, UV sterilized, and high speed. BFW developed High-Quality Automatic Mask Making Machines for high volume production of high-quality masks under the BFW Health product platform. Developed in Made-In-India Technology. These innovative products invented for the healthcare ecosystem in true spirit and full support of ‘Aatma nirbhar Bharat’.

100% Cotton coverall with antimicrobial- Kinsey Knitt International  – Kinsey Knitt International’s 100% cotton washable reusable coverall is made out of coconut technology. The fabric is treated with Antimicrobial to fight against Virus, Bacteria, Fungus, Mould, and Dustmite. The coverall is treated with Splashproof technology so blood and other liquid particles can not penetrate in. This kit contains 10 components to safeguard the Covid-19 warriors with three things kept in mind.  Safety – treated with safe antimicrobial ; Comfort – Cotton gives comfort and Eco-friendly – A bio-degradable product. The antimicrobial we use in this Coverall is a semi-organic, food-grade, biodegradable product that kills the virus by its mechanical action. This doesn’t only filter the virus but it kills the virus which comes in contact. The virus killing time is less than a minute. And it has a virus killing efficiency of more than  99.95%. This Kit contains washable and reusable Masks, Goggles, face shield, Hand gloves, socks, shoe cover, hand towel, and a cotton antimicrobial treated bag to carry the worn products back. This coverall can be washed and reused up to 20 times.

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