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5 Lesser-known facts you never knew about vegetarians

dietMany of us think that vegetarians are those who do not eat meat which is a partial truth. There are categories some categories of vegetarian defined who eat meat when they are drunk. Many of them return to eating meat sooner after following a hard-core vegetarian routine. So, here are some lesser-known facts about vegetarians which actually you should know:

  1. A race to eat meat when Drunk

According to a study, around one-third of the vegetarian communities eat meat when they start taking alcohols. Surprisingly, they do not end up of only one incident and they continue to eat meat every time they drunk. The survey also draws, around 69 percent of them have never told anyone that they consume meat while they are drunk.

  1. Vegetarians lacks Vitamin B12

On one hand, the vegetarians receive all the minerals and vitamins from a vegetarian meal and on the other hand, they lack receiving vitamin B12 which is available in meat, eggs, fish etc. The Vitamin B12 deficiency can cause a person suffers through depression, fatigue, constipation, heart disease etc.

The people who are practicing Veganism and avoid consuming any kind of meat or animal products are the one who is at major risk. According to a survey, 61 percent of Lacto-ovo vegetarians and 92 percent of Vegans experience the deficiency of B12.

  1. In some categories of Vegetarians, some do eat meat

When we talk about the classifying the vegetarians, then there are some categories available with it. Vegetarian is an all-embracing word for different sort of people who claim to acquire a fruit and plant- based diet devoid of meat.

Vegans are those strictly follow vegetarianism and avoid all kind of animal foods and products. They keep themselves away from using any animal products like leather, wool, milk, eggs, honey, silk etc.

Unlike the vegans, Lacto-vegetarians are not totally into avoiding animal products as they eat cheese and milk. Ovo-vegetarians are very similar to vegans but they eat egg products. Lacto-ovo vegetarians are those who eat both dairy products and eggs. Most of the people from the vegetarian group follow Lacto-ovo vegetarian lifestyle. There is another category of vegetarian called Pollotarian who particularly eats poultry products. 

  1. Kangaroo eating Vegetarians

With the time a new group of vegetarians has evolved in Australia who is named as Kangatarians. Apart from following a strict diet of eating vegetables and fruits, they only add kangaroo meat in their diet. The Kangatarians believes that Kangaroo does not produce ozone-destroying methane as rest of the cattle and animals does on any farm. So, they call Kangaroo as a greener species for the environment.  

  1. 84 percent come back to follow Non-vegetarian diet

According to a report of US Humane Research Council, approx 84 percent of vegetarians from the modern time gave up following a vegetarian diet within a year from the day they have started. USHMRC listed 11,000 vegetarians, nonvegetarians and former vegetarians in this survey to get this result.

The result also states that only percent of the group became successful to sustain the vegetarian life ahead.  Around one-third of the group started eating meat because of their partners who are non-vegetarians.

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