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5 lighthouses in the world surrounded by scary legends


Lighthouses have been built in various places to guide the ones in the sea at night. Although as beautiful as the lighthouses look, they can be equally spooky. The lighthouse keepers help the wandering boats to safely board the harbors at night but are left alone in the dark surrounded by the eeriness. Throughout the years there have been many scary legends surrounding the lighthouses in the world. Some of these stories mentioned below for you to know.

  1. The lighthouse of Heceta Head: The Heceta Head lighthouse is haunted by the ghost of a mother whose only child fell into the ocean from the cliff on which the lighthouse is built. The passing by ships have reported some peculiar behaviors like the doors of the lighthouse being locked by itself and have noticed flickering lights when there was no being inside of it.
  2. Lighthouse in the Boon Island: The most bloodcurdling and bizarre stories of the Boon island tops the list. The numerous tragedies and Shipwrecks that occurred here seem to revolve around a woman called Kathleen Bright who allegedly died while taking care of her ill husband (the lighthouse keeper). Since then her ghosts has been found roaming around the island aimlessly.
  3. The Souter Lighthouse: This lighthouse was built in the year 1871 in northern England to warn the ships from wrecking into the reef. Rumors are the Isobella Darling; the niece of Grace Darling makes ghostly appearance near the Souter Lighthouse.
  4. The Point Lookout Lighthouse in Maryland: This light house was inaugurated in the year 1830 and served the passing by ships for almost 130 years before it was ceased in the year 1981. This is when the horrific and scary sounds started to emerge. A team of parapsychiatrists were send to investigate the uncanny activities and the results were really shocking; as the experts found evidences of unknown singing, talking and swearing sounds.
  5. Lighthouse in the Seguin Island: This is the tallest lighthouse that came into existence in the year 1857 on the land of Maine. Here lived a lighthouse keeper along with his wife, who used to play the piano every night to break the deafening silence of the night. But the lighthouse keeper never did anything to keep his isolated mind occupied. One day this isolation of his went maddening when he murdered his wife with an ax and suicide later. Even after several years passed the sounds of the piano music never ceased.

The stories are surely creepy but will surely get your interest piqued. These lighthouses whose functioning have been ceased years ago, still exist to scare the visitors.

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