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5 Mistakes That Google Doesn’t Like and How to Stop Making Them

If you have a query in your mind then you will search it on Google. But everybody does not search in the same way on Google. A lot of time can be wasted because of ineffective searches. As a result of this you can remain unsure and unsatisfied. It is possible to get biased information or false information because of the bad search. You may not realize that this has happened.

If you make tech-savvy searches on Google or use nifty search tricks then that doesn’t mean that you are making good searches on Google. Finding, evaluating and using information in an effective manner comes under good search.

Now I am going to tell you 5 mistakes that Google doesn’t like and how to stop making them.

  1. If you are just typing a question on Google then it is not good – In the search bar of Google you can enter natural-language questions by typing it very easily. It will be good for questions that are simple. Normally their answers are straightforward. But using those phrases and keywords that are most specific will be better. The reason is that for showing the search results’ list to the companies and websites you can get a lot of help from search engine optimization (SEO). The first page of the search engine will include those sites which use paid advertising and do content optimization. Buying keywords or optimizing content is not possible for a number of organizations because of a low budget. Nonprofit groups, research institutions and government bodies are included in these types of organizations.
  2. Using biased questions is not good – Sometimes you get a number of different answers for your question. It is not necessary that you will get the exact answer because the search engine thinks a lot about the answer in which you take interest and then it gives you the result. If you want loaded terms in your answer then avoid doing this. Don’t ask questions of these types.
  3. Forgetting time frame filters is not good – If in the search results you want recency then filtering the results for week, month or year will be a good idea. It is not necessary that better information will be present in the newer sites. You can easily get the needed information on the pages or sites that are older. If an outdated information is present in a site but its SEO is done perfectly then the scrolling of its pages can be avoided with the help of a timeframe filter.
  4. If you are searching the whole internet then it is not good – If a big website contains your answer and you are aware of that, then within a single site you can directly use those search tools of Google that are powerful. You already know that because of good SEO of an outdated content you cannot get the great information. You can use a “site:” operator and then in the site you need to make a quick search with the use of your keywords.
  5. If you are defaulting your current region then it is not good – It is possible to use a different country in your search options of advanced type. However, there is a possibility of getting different results if the search location is changed by you. If geography plays a significant role in your search query, then for getting a broader perspective, switching the country with the use of advanced search settings will be a good idea.

If you take interest in improving the ranking of your site in the search engine then contact a digital marketing company. It will also provide you a number of services like SEO, SMO or ORM etc.

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