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5 most romantics places in and around Delhi to go for your next date

‘Dates’ are to be cherished forever (especially for girls). The idea of dates varies from person to person. Some might go for a lovey-dovey quiet and peaceful venue, while some may opt for a crazy fun filled clubbing. But, whatever be it, the former option is always a better one to go for.

Delhi has a number of places for all those love bitten souls. If you are wondering where to go next for your next date, below is a list of five noteworthy places:

  1. Neemrana Fort Palace

This one tops the list for me, and I am sure you would agree as much. It is very natural for someone to fall short of words while describing the beauty of the place. Located in the laps of lush green mountains in Alwar, this place is an all-time hit.

Neemrana Fort Palace

  1. Deer Park, HauzKhas Village

You might be visiting HauzKhas Village for clubbing and hanging out in Cafes. But what you were still missing out on is the Deer Park. Though some of you must have visited the place, but those who have not, it is MANDATORY to visit the place. In the park, you would forget about the hustle bustle of the city and immerse in the beauty of the lake and flower beds. If you an animal lover, then this is going to be your paradise. One can easily spot peacock, rabbits, and deers.

Deer Park Hauz Khas

  1. Garden of Five Senses, SaidulAjaib

This is undoubtedly one of the best and classy places to opt for a date. The theme areas around are immensely beautiful, key ones being the Mughal Gardens, pool with water lilies, and solar energy park. Visitors also get to choose from one of the finest restaurants in Delhi, at the Garden of Five Senses.

Garden of Five Senses

  1. Lodi Garden, Khan Market

All of us have been there. Though this is one of the most ‘mainstream’ destinations for the love birds, but its beauty shall remain forever. Lodi garden has some famous food joints around, including the Lodi restaurant.

Lodi Garden Khan Market

  1. Tilyar Lake, Rohtak

This place is one of my favourites too. The lakeside looks amazingly beautiful and one can spend hours sitting there chit chatting with their loved ones. What makes it more enjoyable is the boat rides and the zoo.

Tilyar Lake Rohtak

So what are you waiting for! Go, plan your next date and choose the perfect venue for strengthen the bonding.

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