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5 people that mysteriously went missing while travelling

One of the famous stories about Natalee Holloway, who went missing in the year 2005 while she was on her school trip and never returned home, is invariably intriguing. Similarly, this article is about 5 people who went missing from unfamiliar places and sadly never came back.

  1. Judy Smith: She was a 50-year-old lady who had recently married Jeffrey. On 10th April 1997 Jeffrey and Judy went to Philadelphia. While Jeffrey was attending one of his conferences there, Judy decided to go sightseeing but sadly she never came back to the hotel. A few months later her decomposed body was found in North Carolina, 960 kilometers away from Philadelphia.
  2. John Reed: He was 28 years old man who lived in Twin Cities of California. After reading a book he was intrigued on finding out an abandoned city of Akakor. Reed surely went out on the expedition with Tatunca Nara (author of the mysterious book) but never really returned home.
  3. Leo Widicker: An 86-year-old man Widicker went for a trip to Tabacon Hot Springs in Costa Rica. On 8th of November, while Leo was resting on a bench in the park, his wife went to take a stroll along the hot springs. About half an hour later, Virginia returned to find that his husband had gone missing. Extensive searching was done in the nearby area but no traces of Leo Widicker were found.
  4. Devin Williams: He was a long-haul trucker who lived with his wife and three children in Lyon County, Kansas. On May 28 Williams’ truck was caught speeding through the forests of Arizona where he almost hit the campers. But by the time the police arrived at the crime scene he had mysteriously vanished. In the year 1997, his skull was found by some hikers nearby. However, what happened to him still remains a mystery.
  5. Virginia Carpenter: A 21-year-old Virginia lived in the town of Texarkana that had become the site of a twisted mystery about a “Phantom Killer”. This unidentified person had killed five people who were happened to be related to Virginia Carpenter. Two years later on June 1st, Virginia took a train to Denton as she had been enrolled to the Texas State College. She definitely boarded the train took a cab from the station to her dormitory but never actually made up to her dorm room. After two days of the incident taking place Virginia’s family and school officials filed a missing report but no traces of her were found.   

These stories about the 5 people going missing mysteriously while they were travelling are surely tempting in a horrifying way. Even after doing a lot of foraging these people were never found and what happened to them still remains a question.

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