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5 reasons your child might be rebelling and is it really your fault?

As a parent, you usually blame yourself when your little angel turns rebellious, but guess what it’s not your fault at all

When your children rebel, you begin to ask yourself many questions like “Where did I go wrong?”, “Am I a terrible parent?” or “How do I fix this?”… But to be honest, this case is often not the parents’ fault. To be sure of this, this list has six reasons your child might be pulling away:

1.They are trying to find themselves

Your child is maybe trying to struggle for social acceptance, or maybe just trying to figure out who he is. Therefor, he may acts out against rules, structure and parents in his battle to reject the status and gain some independence.

2. They are seeking attention

Your child as everyone like to be noticed. They actually want to stand out from the crowd, which may sometimes lead them to seek attention in the wrong places, wrong times and all the wrong ways.

Here’s come your job as a parents to find a balance between giving your children attention and smothering them. Try to do some fun activities with your children and let them hang out with friends at home. This has many advantages especially in helping your child feel more comfortable at home and help you keep an eye on them.

  1. They are seeking some control of their own

    When your child was a baby, you made all the decisions for them, including what time they woke up, what they wore, where they went, what activities they participated in and what they ate, so they didn’t make their own decisions. But when they become older, you will found yourself struggling with your child over who makes the decisions.
    It is very hard for a parent to watch your baby growing up, but you must grant them the ability to make their own decisions.

    4. Your child maybe testing the boundaries

    When growing up and gaining more independence, your child will begin to adjust to new rules and will try to test how far he is allowed to go before he cross the red line. It is your job to be sure to keep that boundary clear, and you are able to offer enough attention. Let your child has a clear idea of the boundaries and consequences to not intentionally break the rules.

    5 .They are rebelling as a defense mechanism

    Your child is growing up and trying to make some sense of the new emotions that come with aging. Therefore, sometimes rebellion comes as a result of trying to mask anxiety or fear. You can fix it by addressing any potential emotional concerns with your teen in an attempt to solve this rebellious behavior.

    Remember to focus on positive things with your children as they grow up, because these years are hard for him as well as for you.

You can try to find special ways to praise and compliment your teen, which will be more helpful than your negativity will. After all, this phase will pass, and soon it will be just another part of raising children like changing dirty diapers and coloring on the walls.

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