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5 Solutions to Windows Cannot Find a System Image on This Computer


Usually, users may create a system image with the Windows built-in Backup and Restore to protect the computer. Once there is something wrong with the Windows system, the system image can be used to restore the computer to a previous state.

However, some users have reported that they failed to restore their PC from the system image in case of system accidents. And the error message “Windows cannot find a system image on this computer” appeared on their computer screen.

This is a common issue for Windows 10/8/7. Windows advises users to attach the backup hard disk or insert the final DVD from a backup set and try the system image recovery again.

In most cases, if users do that, they may get the same result. How to get rid of this error in Windows 10/8/7? The following are the solutions to fix this issue.

Reasons and Solutions to System Image Recovery Can’t Find Image

In a nutshell, there are five reasons for system image recovery error. Usually, Windows can’t find system image when restoring a system image from an external device like an external hard drive or USB flash drive. Let’s see these factors and find the solutions to fix this issue in Windows 10/8/7.

① The Name of System Image Folder Isn’t “WindowsImageBackup”

When creating a system image with Backup and Restore, Windows always saves the image file to a folder named “WindowsImageBackup”. If users change the folder name, Windows cannot find a system image on this computer during the system image recovery.

To fix this issue, the best way is to change the destination folder for backup on the external device to “WindowsImageBackup”. And then, start a system image recovery again to check whether the issue is solved.

② Put “WindowsImageBackup” Folder in Another Folder

The “WindowsImageBackup” folder must be at the top level of the external hard drive rather than in any sub-folder. If users put this folder into another folder, Windows won’t find the system image for recovery.

Therefore, please make sure the folder named “WindowsImageBackup” is still in the root directory where it is created originally, for example, F:\WindowsImageBackup.

③ Change the Name of Sub-folder

Changing the sub-folder name will give rise to Windows cannot find a system image on this computer error message. Please ensure the sub-folder name is exactly the Windows computer name that it had when performing a system restore.

④ Add Any Folder in “WindowsImageBackup” Folder

If any other folders are saved in the “WindowsImageBackup” folder, system image recovery can’t find system image. Hence, please don’t add any folder into this folder. If yes, delete it to fix this issue.

⑤ Save Multiple System Images on USB Drive

If there are multiple system images on a USB hard drive and users rename the mediaID file of any image, Windows can’t recognize the images alphabetically trailing the one with the renamed mediaID file. Then, the system image recovery error occurs.

In this case, please copy the mediaID.bin file together with system image folder files to other locations.

In conclusion, any changes to the system image can lead to Windows image recovery. Thus, don’t make any change.

Use Windows Recovery Alternative Tool 

But sometimes these five solutions are not working for resolving the issue. In this case, perhaps using an alternative tool is helpful. Here, we recommend using the professional Windows backup software for Windows 10/8/7, MiniTool ShadowMaker.

This tool enables users to create a system image on a working PC, create a bootable disc and boot the non-working PC for system recovery. If the hardware is not similar, its Universal Restore can help to fix the compatibility issue to ensure the PC’s running successfully.

For more information about the steps, users can follow this post – How Can You Do Windows Backup Restore to Different Computer.

If users don’t want to use the alternative tool, perhaps the last way to fix Windows cannot find a system image on this computer error is reinstalling Windows operating system.

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