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5 Summer Pool Essentials

With summer finally here, many people expect to lounge around by the pool, go to the beach, or have a lakeside weekend with friends and family. There are many activities to take part in over the summertime, but being by the pool is the perfect place to start. Many people don’t consider preparing for a poolside day, but some essential items can make the experience even more enjoyable and sun-safe.

Pool Prep

Preparing for a pool day is an important part of the many summer days ahead. Not only will prep help keep everyone safe from the sun, but it will also allow everyone to have a more enjoyable and comfortable day. It’s best to pack a small bag ahead of time, so there’s no rushing around last minute.

Some people may forget a few items, so before packing, it’s a great idea to write a small list of everything you need. There’s also the option to keep a bag packed in the car the night before to be extra prepared and not rushed in the morning. Keeping a few essentials handy will make packing for the pool a breeze.

  1. Sunglasses

Sunglasses are the most important essential to bring on every summer vacation. Not only do they protect eyes from harmful ultraviolet rays, but they also look stylish. Finding the right sunglasses is often a fun experience because there are so many styles and color choices. Some of the most popular styles of glasses include rectangle frames with polarized lenses, oversized frames with mirrored lenses, and square frames with curved lenses.

Costa Del Mar sunglasses are the perfect poolside shades and come in various frame shapes, colors, and lenses. It is also good to find a pair specifically designed for outdoor activities, so they are durable and comfortable to wear while swimming, surfing, or doing any water-based activity. You may even want a few pairs to change up your look each time.

  1. Floats

Pool floats are fun and an added luxury for long summer days. They come in different sizes and shapes, from light-up swans and unicorns to basic lounger floaties and donut floats. Pool float prices also range from $20 to $200, depending on the size.

Pool floats are the perfect essential item for relaxing in the pool to cool off and tan, but they’re also great for photo opportunities with friends. Some pool floats can seat up to six people, which is perfect for lakeside weekends. When it comes to pool floats, there is something for everyone, and they are guaranteed to make summer days instantly more memorable.

  1. Speaker

Listening to music is a huge part of the summer season and makes any boiling day more fun and bearable. In terms of outdoor activities, it’s best to find a waterproof speaker to be safe, especially if there’s a pool involved. Some speaker options are meant for the water, as they can float and withstand hours of water use, which is a fun idea for anyone who wants the speaker closer to them in the pool.

  1. Waterproof Makeup

Although many people choose not to wear makeup by the pool, others like to showcase a fun and stylish look for the occasion. Whether the makeup is for a mini photoshoot or just for some summer style, wearing waterproof makeup comes in handy. The fun thing about waterproof makeup is that purchasing a specific waterproof-based product isn’t the only option, as there are many ways for people to waterproof makeup themselves.

Some easy and affordable ways to waterproof makeup include:

  • Using a setting powder on top of foundation and concealer
  • Layering eyeliner with a powder eyeshadow
  • Trying a tinted blush
  • Sealing it in with a water-based seal solution
  • Spraying it down with a setting spray
  • Using wax, gel, or mascara primers
  1. Hats

Just like sunglasses, hats are a perfect way to protect the face and eyes from the sun, making them an essential item for hot summer days. Hats are also quite versatile, as there are many different sizes, shapes, and styles to choose from. For hotter days, it’s best to showcase a lighter hat like a ball cap or bucket hat, whereas, for the cooler days, an oversized brim hat will do the trick. Not only can people use hats for sun protection, but they can also use them to cover messy hair after a day out in the sun or cover bed hair if they’re in a rush.

There Are Many Essential Items for Summer

Whether people are relaxing by the pool or going on a lakeside weekend trip with friends, there are many essential items to use on a hot summer’s day. Preparing for a pool day is important and packing a bag for these activities is the best way to ensure the day is enjoyable and stress-free. Packing essentials like sunglasses, floats, speakers, waterproof makeup, and hats are just some of the fun ways to make a good day even better.


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