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5 Things Everyone Gets Wrong About Personal Loan in India


Getting a loan from a bank can be tough, but if we avoid some of the common mistakes, we can easily take a personal loan in India without the fear of disappointment. The entire process can be simplified in case we avoid some of the common mistakes, which many of us make while taking a personal loan.

Beneath we are discussing some of the things that everyone gets wrong while taking a personal loan in India.

  1. Lack of clarity regarding the purpose of loan: One of the most common mistakes which many people make while taking a personal loan is they don’t know the real reason of taking the loan. Don’t take a personal loan without any reason; rather consider the exact personal loan requirements. In case you really need a personal loan looks for the lowest interest rate personal loan to avail the maximum benefits. 

Also, you need to check the personal loan interest rate which is offered by different financial institutions and choose the one that offers the lowest interest rate. The reason for this is the interest rate that the financial institutions offer will in turn affects the interest amount that you will be supposed to pay in the future.

2. Don’t sign any Blank Documents: Don’t blindly trust the lenders at the time of applying for the loans. While applying for a loan, you meet your lender and gradually start developing trust on him. However, you must strictly say no in case you are asked to sign any blank application form or document as it might pose a serious threat in the future. It is important to have complete and accurate knowledge of the loan process before moving further.

3. Be honest: Before you apply for personal loan, you need to disclose and share all the accurate details of all existing loans, if any before applying for a new loan. You might get another loan, but at the end it is you who need to bear the burden of paying off the loan.

4. Ignoring your credit history: Don’t ignore your ability to repay. All the lenders will investigate your credit history to know how you have managed your finances so far. If everything seems okay, you will be provided with a loan, it is important to have a good financial credit score. Having a good credit score will mark a good impression on the lenders. It plays a very important role in the loan- approval process while applying for online personal loans.

5. Don’t apply loans with different banks: Whenever you apply for a loan, it will be shown in your credit report and will bring changes in your credit score accordingly. So don’t apply for loans with different banks at the same time as it might reject your loan application.

It is always advisable to take a personal loan in India for amount that can be paid back easily. Also, keep the above mistakes in mind, so that you don’t end up taking unsecured loans in the future.


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