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5 Things you should definitely ask your gynaecologist

A trip to the gynaecologist is often accompanied by discomfort. All the questions that might be blowing up are mind, we are just very uncomfortable in asking them to our gynaecologist. Starting from the itchy bump to nonexistent libido to the strange smell of the lady parts leaves us in a state of uneasiness. However, there are some certain questions that you must not refrain from asking your gynaecologist.

  1. Question regarding the loss of weight: If you are facing difficult times in reducing weight even after maintaining a healthy diet and exercising regularly, then it is time you paid a visit to your gynaecologist. Although this may not seem like a problem that needs expertise of a gynaecologist, there might be some underlying issues which you certainly need to discuss with your doctor first.
  2. Whether or not the discharge is normal: Discussing whether the discharge from your vagina is certainly not one of the very comfortable topics. However, the gynaecologists suggest that vaginal discharge is completely normal that has specific consistency, smell and texture. Instead of using various artificial products to deal with what you perceive as a problem, it would be wise enough to sit down with your gynaecologist to know about vaginal discharges as a whole.
  3. Irritability and depression due to PMS: Mood swings are related to PMS which more often than not result in extreme depression symptoms, an outburst of anger, and the anxiety can be overwhelming. Usually, one to two weeks prior to having their periods, most of the women go through elevated emotional changes. However, if the emotional outburst is normalised at the beginning of your chums, there is nothing to worry about; if it stretches beyond than that make sure to discuss it with your doctor.
  4. About the unpleasant smell: Sudden alteration in the smell of your V-parts can be the outcome of unhealthy eating habits. When you consume alcohol, spicy food items, anything that has a pungent smell it can adversely alter the smell of the vaginal secretions. Therefore, it is advised that you consume fresh fruits, lots of vegetables, and enough water to maintain a healthy vagina.

Cleaning routine of the lady parts: This is a very controversial topic because many suggest that the vagina possesses self-cleansing properties. But when you discuss it with your gynaecologist, they often suggest using mild and non-scented products to clean the labia and vulva. Make sure to avoid any scented products, talc, or any feminine hygiene products available in the market.

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