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5 Tips for Buying a Family Car

family carThe biggest issue with buying a family car (or family anything, for that matter), lies in the fact that you’re the one making a decision that’s going to affect others. In this case, it will affect people you care about deeply on a daily basis. With that in mind, here are several tips that will help you avoid making the wrong choice.

Do your research

Your first stop should definitely be the research prior to making a purchase. To do this, you need to start reading reviews or talk to friends who already faced this problem. The best thing is that you don’t even have to talk to people who’ve made the right choice. All you have to do is ask a friend who’s bought a family car that they now regret buying and ask them to tell you why. This will help you avoid making the same mistake in the future.

How much room do you need?

Another thing you need to consider is exactly how much room you need. Now, before you proceed to dismiss this feature as a simple one, keep in mind that the number of family members may change in the nearest future. Then again, if you aim to go on road trips it’s better to have some extra room than to be tightly packed. This can alleviate the amount of stress and anxiety during the entire trip, which can drastically affect your driving experience. In these scenarios, there’s even more to it than just this, seeing as how the number of people in the car directly correlates with the amount of baggage that you need to pack.

Consider the resale value

The next thing you should understand is the fact that the vehicle that you purchase won’t be there to stay. This means that you might soon be in need of a new vehicle, yet, this is the issue that you need to approach from several different angles. Not only do you need something that will satisfy your current needs (in terms of cost-efficiency) but also something that you’ll be able to sell at a fair price later on. Here, however, the method isn’t all that matters but the platform that you use, as well.

For instance, when I decided to replace my previous family vehicle with the current one, I opted to sell my car online on Carbiz platform. This gave me a safer, simpler way to tackle this issue and allowed me to avoid those unpleasant situations where a bunch of strangers come to visit my home, day in and day out.


One of your first habits will be to make a purchase of a car based on its features, age and performance. Let’s be honest, this is a solid plan regardless of why you’re buying the car, however, family-friendliness is also something you need to add to the list. This mostly consists of the overall safety of the vehicle (adaptive cruise control, blind spot monitoring, car-seat fit and similar features). Needless to say, it’s quite obvious why some of these features may fly under the radar during a regular purchase.

Calculating the cost

At the end of the day, calculating the total cost isn’t that simple of an issue either. First of all, there’s the possibility of a trade-in or the amount of money that you receive from the previous car sale. Then, there’s the probability that you’ll get a loan in order to get the car, in which case you’ll have to consider the total amount that you’ll have to pay back. Also, gas prices are going up and the maintenance of different vehicles comes at a different cost. All of this needs to be taken into consideration.

While these five considerations can’t ensure that you’ll get the right car for your family with a 100 percent guarantee, they can definitely ensure that you’ll make smarter moves in the process. Seeing as how this is a major life decision, it’s definitely worth your time and attention.

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