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5 tips for caring for your pooch this winter

It is a common myth that dogs have a better in-built cold handling mechanism than humans. This assumption is made on the fact that dogs have fur covering their body. However, this statement is farther from the truth, and your pet family does feel the severity of the winter. This season comes with its perks of bliss and frostbite. Humans love to cuddle in front of the fireplace with a hot cup of tea. The animals would also enjoy a similar experience to handle the beautiful yet relentlessly cold weather. Though we live in an almost tropical climate, the winters might be unmercifully cold. Some days are indeed warmer the others. However, it is essential to take the necessary steps to ensure a warmer and happier season for your pets. The dogs might attempt to communicate their discomfort and pain through their unusual behaviour. They might be restless or hungrier than usual. It is the liability of the pet parents to monitor the change and take adequate measures carefully. The pets might take some time adapting to the modifications, and it is vital to plan well in advance. Here are five tips that could be valuable for caring for your pooch in winter

Monitor their diet

People tend to feel hungrier in winter as they burn more calories to combat the cold. It is a similar situation with pets. It is essential to increase the portion size and yet take caution to avoid overfeeding. Caution should be taken to keep them away from antifreeze as it can be toxic. This product is prevalently used during winter to prevent slippage.

Create a cosy space for them

If the dog usually sleeps on the floor or a thin carpet, then it is time for upgrading their living arrangements. A thick and comfortable blanket or rug can be used to provide a cosy sleeping place. However, it is essential to place in their favourite area or plan to train them in the new area. This could be a time-consuming task, but it would be beneficial for the pets.

Keep them moisturised and hydrated

Winters are cold, and yet our body needs almost the same amount of water. Though humans and animals might not feel thirst, it is critical to stay hydrated. Make sure that the dogs drink adequate fluids in the winter. Their skin might become dry due to lack of moisture. Use moisture-enhancing products to keep dryness at bay.

Check for cracks and sores

Foot cracks are a common problem for dogs in the winter season. They might hurt their paws due to the salts and debris in the road. It is vital to check for these cracks and sores regularly. Some of them can be toxic and cause severe infections if left untreated.

The activity matters

Like humans, dogs love to curl and sleep during the cold weather. However, it is crucial to make sure that they get adequate activity during this season. It is better to avoid outdoor activities and replace them with safer indoor games and walks.

These suggestions would help you to up the ante in pet care. Various website and magazine would talk in detail about this subject this season. Nevertheless, it is essential to remember that every dog is different. The owners can develop their unique system to care for their beloved pet. Excessive exposure to cold might lead to hypothermia, and it is vital to keep your pets protected from the cold weather. You can also solicit the assistance of the local veterinarian or consult with an online expert to know more about ways to keep your pet healthier and safer this winter.

By: Rosie Paul – Founder and COO – Global Pet Consulting (

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