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5 Tips to get a confirmed train ticket this summer! provides the solutions to your PNR Status worries. 

Let us face it – there are more people wanting to travel on trains in India year-round than available seats on trains. And this problem gets more acute during the peak travel season such as Summer Vacations, Diwali, ChathPooja; etc.A rail yatri has to consider a number of criteria for their travel decisions, particularly related to PNR status checkthat can trigger stress.

Doing a bit of research on trains will facilitate you with easier travel planning and experience – along with increasing the probability of getting a confirmed ticket. “The complexity of ticket booking on trains in India is increasing day by day. You need to be smart and well-informed to get lucky”, suggests Aparajita Mukhopadhyay, Business Head & VP,, who is also a Data Scientist majorly associated with train travel in India.

Travelers can either use the RailYatri app, for a quick turnaround for their train queries or checkout the “Insights” platform at, that addresses hidden yet useful information which train travelers in India can analyze and make efficient travel decisions. “Insights” is based on the data from more than 50 million travelers over the last few years across 8000 train stations and more than 2000 train routes.

Here are some of the tips from the experts about getting the best success towards booking a confirmed ticket this rush season –

  • Update yourself with train options and their timings –

You would be amazed how much the train running information changes on a daily basis. Interestingly, nearly 100-150 Special Trains regularly ply on popular routes. So make sure to check the live running statusof all the trains around the dates you plan to travel.

“The unfortunate thing about the special trains is that they are not planned well in advance and typically are announced for duration of few weeks only. This is one reason we have the Alerts & Special Trains feature in our App – where users can stay up–to– date”, says Aparajita.

Find below the screenshot from the RailYatri app that informs about the special trains of your routes:


(To discover the special trains associated with your travel routes through RailYatri, click here:

  • Time of the Day or the Day of the Week matters! –

“Our data shows that waiting list is typically higher on Fridays and Sundays but lower on Monday. So see if you can be flexible in your travel plans”, informs Aparajita. Similarly, trains leaving between 5–9 pm are very popular compared to the ones leaving during day hours. So if you don’t mind taking an afternoon nap in the train, book your tickets on trains that leave during day time.

  • Do you know which the popular destinations from your station are?

When you go to a multiplex only then you get to know which popular shows are already booked. Similar logic applies to ticketing from a particular station. “We all think that people go to everywhere from any station. But in reality there are always few stations which stand out from a substantial traffic point of view. For example – huge traffic goes to Patna Jn from New Delhi Station”,points out Aparajita. So it is important that you keep yourself aware of the popularity from your station.

Our recommendation is to check out RailYatri’s ‘Insights platform’ at The platform tells you about the popular stations people traveling to from any station in India. Just knowing the preferences of other Railyatris gives you an idea where the rush is going to be and how soon you should start booking the ticket, which is a smarter approach than frequently checking your PNR status and hoping get a confirmed ticket.

Look at the below screenshot from, that figures out the popular destinations from a station: 


(To find out about the popular routes from your city, click here:

  • Do you know the popular sections on the train of your interest?

Trains are not like flights – where all travelers get on at one point and get down at the other. In trains people continue to get on the trains and get down at all stoppages on its route. “However, our data tells us that boarding and alighting is not uniform at all stations. For each train, there are always few stations where travelers on-board the most and other where they de-board mostly”, informs Aparajita.

Thanks to the crowd-sourcing techniques, this information is now available at RailYatris Insights Data Platform. You can simply punch in your train number and it shows you the popular travel sections which RailYatris are choosing on a train.

Have a look at the below screenshot, to know most popular sections on the train:


(To find the top 5 routes on your train, click here:

  • And finally, what if the ticket is still in the waiting list?

No need to give up hope! Unconfirmed tickets do get confirmed. The question is can you wait and control your anxiety with the uncertainty related with your trip? “Ticket confirmation follows a pattern and if proper mathematical algorithms are used, PNR status can be predicted to a fair level of accuracy. One such mathematical algorithm has been implemented by us at RailYatri – PNR status with smart prediction”, adds Aparajita. Apps like RailYatri can easily spare you from frequent PNR status checks online and ensure easy and smart travel decisions.

See the screenshot from the RailYatri app that tells the confirmation probability:


(To check  the confirmation probability of your PNR status, click here:

With changing times, needs and expectations of train travelers have also changed. Good thing is that with easy access to lots of information using smart technology such as Mobile Apps, many of the old train travel related anxieties, such as unconfirmed PNR status can be reduced. The onus now is on the passengers for making smart choices and maximizing their chances on winning that coveted prize of ‘getting a confirmed train ticket.’

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