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5 Untapped Ways to Create an Engaging Content for Social Media

Social media has now become a backbone of this era, without which, life could not be imagined. Sitting on one side of the screen and controlling the other side of the world has now become possible by social media. But in this era of social media, it is important to provide engaging content for social media. As social media is full of different types of material, out of which, most of the content is of no use, providing affective and engaging content for social media can attract the audience and help them by saving the time.

Examples of engaging content for social media include Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest. Facebook is a platform that supports diversity of different contents such as videos, audios, pictures, text posts etc. Facebook allows several reactions on your post e.g. like, comment, share, tag, and message. A new feature of Facebook i.e. 3D picture is an example of engaging content for social media as it allows a unique method of viewing picture by moving your device. Posting your stuff by using this feature will allow attracting the audience. Writing about current issues and selling stuff is also a good example of engaging content for social media.

Pinterest is also a good social media platform. Pinterest is a shortcut for your interests. We can select any topic and by having a little research on that topic, we can have good information on that topic. Later, we have to convert that information or our pictures or media of interest into a visual form as people are attracted towards short and comprehensive pictures. Or we can simply share the content that is already present on Pinterest. By this, we can make available the pictures of interest for a very vast audience.

Twitter on the other hand, gives a limit of characters. But still an engaging content could be created on twitter by giving links, photos, and videos to our business. A very professional behavior is seen on twitter so basically; this platform could be used to engage people in your business.

Last but not the least, Instagram, a visual social media platform. There is a lot of engaging content for Instagram that could help to attract the audience. Instagram is a platform where videos and pictures are the source of engaging content. For making an engaging content for Instagram, it is must to make the visual content more attractive and descriptive. Adding more colors to the content will help us. Having attractive colors on our pictures will drag a lot of followers. Also, by making short tutorials of our business or our product can engage a huge number of followers on Instagram. Another engaging content on Instagram now days is blogging. This could be fashion, food, or travel blogging. Bloggers are successfully making a lot of money on Instagram as it is best platform for this field.

5 basic techniques to create engaging content for social media is Show them, don’t tell them. This means that instead of writing long posts and stories, just post a picture with details written on it. This will help you to attract more people on your post in a short period of time. The second way is to take your own photos and then post them. Usually a bookmark is present on the photos that we take from another source. This increases the followers of the account who took the photo. So, by posting your own content will help to engage people on your posts. For this, a local photographer could be hired. The third way is by sharing the customer and your follower’s review about your content on your social media account. This will help other people to trust your social media. The fourth way is by conducting various giveaways and contests on your social media account. For this, set various rules but they should be professional and easy one so that everyone could follow them. Last but not the least, try your best to reply your followers about anything they ask. This builds a friendly relation between you and social media users.

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