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5 Ways to Avoid Hassles of Monsoon Travel with a Smart Mobile App

RailYatri New LogoSome travel enthusiasts opine that travelling in India during the monsoons is a joy. Yes, it may be if the travel is well planned and you are lucky enough to avoid many hassles that rains bring. One of the mysterious facts about trains during the monsoons is why do they run way behind the schedules even when the rain has stopped for many hours? When you are travelling during the monsoon season you have to always account for the huge delays that your train will cause. These delays in turn create a lot of hassles for the passengers. This is why you need all the help you can get before and during the trip. When it comes to monsoon travels, basic information such as PNR status check, Indian railways time table and arrival or departure of trains won’t serve you any good. You need many more deep insights.

These insights are easily available to the RailYatri’s smart travel app users. With the help of this app you can minimize a lot of hassles that surround the monsoon travels in India. It should be said in this respect that the app has achieved more than 1 million installs within a year of its launch. The users can make better decisions using this app, made for train travel. RailYatri should not be confused with other live train status apps out there in Google Playstore. It not only brings facts but also analyzes them to give key insights. Apart from this the app has other helpful services that aid in train travel. So, what are the features that help passengers during the monsoon travel? Let’s take a look.

5 Features that Help in Monsoon Travel

  1. PNR Confirmation Probability: It is inevitable that trains will run late in the monsoon season, this is why there are some punctual trains between two stations which get a lot of booking. The demand of tickets for these trains is sky high as people are reluctant to book tickets in other trains. So, use the app to check the Confirmation Probability for the waitlisted ticket, before you go ahead and book it. The Confirmation Probability predicts the probability of your ticket getting confirmed in the form of – High, Medium and Low. High and Medium predictions are good enough to book tickets.
  2. Live Train Status: The app uses your GPS information to tell the exact location of the train along the route. Most of the apps show the live train status based on the last Railways updates, but not this app. It tells exactly where you are. This will help you learn about the delay and plan your trip ahead likewise. You can also learn about the distance covered and the distance remaining, as also the expected arrival time to your destination station.
  3. Trip Sharing: This is a new feature that RailYatri has launched just a month back. When you plan a trip just save the trip with the Trip Sharing feature, and the app will create a unique URL that can be shared with your friends and family members. By doing so you will allow them to track the progress of your train and remain worry free. If they are planning to receive you at the station, then the Trip Sharing feature will save them from the painstaking task of calling 139 toll free for train updates.
  4. Food Ordering: Monsoon is not the best season for exploring the outdoor food options. Water borne diseases are common during this season. This is why you should make sure that the food you are having on the train is cooked hygienically. When the trains run late, there is a chance that you will exhaust all the home cooked food. This is when you can use the app to order for hygienic and delicious food from some of the reputed caterers.
  5. Cab Booking: Train delays can create havoc for your travel plans. You are never quite sure when you will reach the destination station. This is why most passengers do not pre-arrange for any conveyance from the station. But if the train is arriving at your station at odd hours then you will probably not get any public transportation. In such times you can easily book cabs from the train compartment using the app.

As you can see, if you have the RailYatri app in your mobile then many of the monsoon travel tensions can be taken care of. This is why before you think about a trip in the rains download the RailYatri app by visiting the link: and or giving a missed call on: 8080809551.

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