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5 Ways to Celebrate the Anniversary at Home

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Want to celebrate the togetherness, the day of your wedding anniversary, but don’t want to go out? Well, no worries we have listed down five ways in which you can celebrate the anniversary at home. These five romantic ways are ideal to celebrate the wedding anniversary without stepping out of your houses. Here it goes:

  1. You can start your preparations a day early. For instance, the night before you can prepare for a sumptuous breakfast. Thereafter you can set the alarm for the early morning. You can wake them up with gentle kisses and a     luscious bouquet of roses. Thereafter you can watch the sunrise together. What could be better than starting this day with the beautiful vistas of sunrise and your partner by your side? Later you          can enjoy making breakfast together and eating it as well.  
  1. If you and your partner are not morning persons and this early morning start doesn’t appeal you, there is another romantic alternative. You can spend the morning in bed just relaxing and enjoying each other’s company. You can flip through your pictures in your phone and laugh on all those moments. You can even relive the memories of those moments. Or you can make an appetizing breakfast and pamper your partner. This simple gesture would mean a lot especially to the partner who gets up early to take the lead in household chores. After the breakfast when they go for a bath, you can place their gift on the bed. It may sound too cliché     but these gestures will surely make them feel nothing less than special.
  2. Another way to celebrate an anniversary is to delight your partner with a DIY massage. You can turn your bedroom into an exotic massage parlour exclusively for your partner. Dim the lights, light up some scented candles, play sweet musings and grab some massage oils to totally awe hour partner. A massage after a long day will not only ease the stress and tension of body, it will help you to connect with them more. This sensual way to pamper them is a thoughtful idea to celebrate your anniversary.      
  3. The day can be celebrated by doing nothing other than relaxing and enjoying every moment of each other’s company. One way to do it is to take a romantic bath together. You can light up the candles by the bathtub and use luxurious bubble bath products which are famed for their exotic aromas. You can enjoy the warmth of hot water and each other’s company. The best is to have a glass of champagne or wine and to relax.
  1. You can turn your home into a mini picnic spot. If it’s summer you can enjoy basking in sun with your partner and enjoying some mouth-watering delicacies. However, if it’s winter enjoying in open backyard of the house is not an ideal option. Because the last thing you want is to freeze your partner. But the winters are the best way to get all cosy. You can set the little spot near the fireplace by placing a rug. You can order pizza or something both of you like from your favourite restaurant.

Enjoy each other’s company in your nest, the place where this relationship cherishes every day

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