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5 ways to optimize your current wardrobe

fashion lifestyleFashion world is highly dynamic and you can’t resist the seasonal changes it brings to your wardrobe. While we know you have spent truckload of money on these apparels throughout these years, it is important to get rid of them to incorporate new trends into your wardrobe. The best and most legit way to do this is by optimizing your current wardrobe in such a way that you don’t have to get rid of everything while you stay ahead of fashion as well.

Have a glance at 5 effective ways to optimize your current wardrobe to get the best and most reasonable results.

  1. Discard useless apparels and items

Lay down all the items of your wardrobe on a flat surface, such that you can see each one of them. You’ll witness a collection of apparel you really love and some items that may seem ridiculous. The next step is to discard the articles that you may never want to use again and keep the ones you think you can use. All of us are emotionally connected with some of our old outfits, but the only way to move ahead with the new trends is to leave the old ones behind.

  1. Categorize all the items – office, casual, outing, evening

Out of all the remaining items, now, categorize them into different bundles as per the occasion like work, gym, casual, night and evening wear. This will ease up your everyday struggle to decide what to wear and cut down the wastage of time. When leaving for work, you can quickly pick up a shirt from your office wear bundle and you’re good to go.

  1. Accessorize your old outfits

Got a dress that you are bored of? Team it up with an interesting bottom and add a twist to your appearance. You can always use that short dress as a tunic and pair it with denims or trousers of your choice. Or you can also team up a printed scarf with your solid outfit or accessorise it up with huge earrings or cocktail rings.

  1. Team up old kurtis with new bottoms

Right when you thought you’ll have to scrap away those old solid kurtis, this article came to your rescue. A safe advice is to team up your old kurtis with different styles of bottoms that are trending today. From palazzos to sharara, you can wear your kurti with anything from the current trend and you are good to go.

  1. Style your solids differently

Can’t afford haute couture and labels but don’t want to stay behind in the fashion race? Become a stylist yourself and team up your solids with a trendy jacket or cape and you are ready for the ramp. We are absolutely adoring Bhumi Pednekar sporting a pink flared cape by Raisin over a solid maxi dress here.

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