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5 ways you can ace your pool party this summer

Throw a party that’ll be the envy of people for years to come 

The sun makes it impossible to leave the comfort of your home, your throat is always parched and no amount of lemonade can make you feel better, you eagerly await the evening when there is that slight wind blowing so you can finally step out to see your friends. How typical of this season. We curse it, we wish it to go but it’s here to stay. One thing we forget however, is that summer does bring out our summer dresses, those fancy aviators, comfortable flip flops and of course, pool parties! What better way to spend an afternoon in a pool than with your closest friends, chilling, dancing, singing and taking people by surprise by pushing them into the water. If you have access to a pool, any pool, we bring to you 5 simple ways in which you can throw the most enviable party of the season and increase your coolness quotient among your friends

  • Theme it up – theme parties are fun, we know but a pool party with a theme will give your party that extra edge. Some fun themes you can explore for your party are, neon attire, funky shades, even masks in the pool could be an idea you can experiment with
  • Dress down – it’s time to go shopping because even though you’re going to be in your swimsuit you do have to look your absolute best. Accessorize your look with the Fitbit Flex 2 to stand out. It’s water resistant and it will keep you mindful of your fitness routine even while you’re having fun
  • It’s not a party without music – any party is incomplete without good, loud music. Get yourself the latest Amkette S 50 Bluetooth smart speaker for that fantastic sound quality. What’s even better is that you can control the volume, tracks and everything else directly from your phone using the Amkette Trubeats Smart Speaker App without having to get out of the pool
  • Get those drinks on point – summer is equal to lemonades, ice teas and all drinks cold and refreshing. Boost your party with some exciting mocktails and add a little umbrella to the glass to make it look more sophisticated
  • Food food and more food – how many times have you gone swimming and not felt the urge to eat fries or a pizza after? Tasty finger food is a must at pool parties. Keep the menu simple and light but ensure that you don’t run out of food because then you will be left with a very angry bunch of friends

Lastly, make sure you have a blast. With these 5 tips you will definitely not be the host who doesn’t enjoy their own party but you might even end up having the most fun. This year, don’t curse the summer season, own it!

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