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5 Weight Loss Secrets for People with a Busy Schedule

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It’s really hard to lose weight when you are busy the whole day with barely any time for yourself. However, it doesn’t have to be like that and you can easily squeeze health goals into your busy schedule. It all comes down to creating a strategy that will both fit your schedule and plans.

Of course, it will be hard in the beginning, but over time you will get the hang of things and new habits will turn into routine. With these 5 weight loss secrets, you will easily tackle your health, looks and busy schedule without turning it all into trouble.

1.     Find a weight loss buddy

Losing weight is not easy and sometimes we could all use some support to get started and stay on the right path. There are many apps that offer programs with exercises, food monitoring, and support community. However, although those are great, they lack personal touch that is sometimes very much needed to stay positive and on the course.

This is where buddy system can help you stay focused and complete your goals with less stress and more determination. Your weight loss buddy can be a workout partner, someone with the same goals or simply a supporting friend. They will encourage you to keep on going and also remind you why you do this and what are the benefits.

However, don’t rush into choosing your weight loss buddy. This has to be a person with qualities you like and respect in order to inspire you to continue with your plan. Otherwise, you may falter and decide to quit since you have enough stressful environments with your busy schedule. 

2.     Morning exercise

Finding time for physical activity should be a priority, but not the one that will turn into a burden. If you are too busy to go to the gym with all the before and after activities it requires, there is a simpler solution. Wake up half an hour earlier than usual and start with a morning exercise routine.

A high-intensity workout lasting for 20 minutes will boost both your metabolism and mood. Moreover, instead of doing the same exercise every day, opt for a diverse and functional program. You can do HIIT on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, and yoga on Tuesday and Thursday. This means that weekends you can use for outdoor activities and maybe even some sport like swimming or running.

3.     Water helps weight loss

Water is very important for the body to function properly. It removes toxins from the body, boosts the metabolism and is excellent for suppressing the appetite. Drink one glass of water before you eat and you will intake 75 calories less per every meal.

Instead of drinking sugary beverages, opt for water to limit the amount of sugar in your diet and lower the carb intake. Drink eight to ten glasses of water every day as advised by nutritionists and do it with ice if you can. Ice cold water will need more effort from your metabolism to warm it up and it will burn more calories in the process.

4.     Start with a healthy diet

A busy schedule can be a big enemy to home cooked meals and paying attention what ingredients you use. Usually, this leads to fast food, packaged frozen meals and a lot of calories which in turn cause weight gain and certain medical condition like diabetes. But, contrary to popular belief, it’s not hard to organize your meal plan when you are busy.

Actually, there are several options you can use or combine together for the best results. You can order meals through services that prepare them to your preferences and deliver them to you like My Muscle Chef. Cooking meals in advance and reheating them when necessary is another way to organize your time and control the food you eat. If you are unsure what kind of foods to eat, visit a nutritionist or dietician for meal plan and instructions.

Also, don’t skip meals and pay attention to the carb-fat-protein ratio in your food. Carbs are the No. 1 culprit for weight gain, but you shouldn’t cut them out completely. Instead, limit their intake, go for wholegrain products and say goodbye to sweets.

5.     Go outside whenever you can

Don’t spend your free time on Facebook, playing games or watching TV. Instead, go outside for a hike, bike ride or a walk to get some fresh air and get the muscles moving. Weekends are the most critical periods that you would probably like to spend in a horizontal position.

However, resist this urge and be more active to spend the calories you eat and burn the fat deposits in your body. Pastoral scenery like parks reduce stress and decrease cortisol level which is known to boost fat build-up. To a similar effect, place a plant or two in your office or on your desk to reduce stress and stay on the right weight-loss track.  

In the end

Every beginning is hard, but with these 5 weight loss secrets you will get closer to your goals and fit it all in your busy schedule. Just plan it all carefully and consider the best options to make it work. And in no time, you will start noticing results and feel much better about yourself.

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