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50 SHADES OF WALE: Rapper’s Deviant Double Life Revealed

LOS ANGELES, CA – 07/08/2017 — According to L.A psychic Aphrodite XXX, the goody two shoes of rap, rapper Wale may not be too goody after all.  In a steamy memoir, Aphrodite tells the truth about the orgies, the domination, and the front of the perfect man image.

Aphrodite, who reads the fortunes of high profile celebrities, first met Wale at a concert. She claims that, in a dream, Wale’s ancestors instructed her to deliver a present to him.  This was in 2013 at the House of Blues. The first time they were together was on his tour bus after that show.

i am on all fours. he spanks me. it hurts. a bruise is forming. i start crying and he is inside me kissing away the tears. he is gentle until he flips me over. then he chokes me and calls me a cunt.

“I needed water. Me and his drummer went on the bus to pick up a few bottles.  The bus seemed to be empty but it wasn’t. Wale was laying in the shadows.

Everything about our relationship had to be private. Where we hung out. What we did. He didn’t like anyone in his business. He says that he didn’t want the industry to ruin me. What he didn’t know is that I was already ruined. 

I thought it would just be a one night thing. But it ended up being a lot longer”.

The Sun is Home reveals details about the rapper’s sex life that many of his fans wouldn’t expect, given his wholesome image.   

The orgy that happened last November was when Aphrodite called it quits. “Things were just getting too freaky”. According to Aphrodite, he lives in the hills for a reason. “A lot of the things that people hear about  secret sex parties are true. And the hills is the main place where these type of things are going down”.

The author says, “nothing was off limits with him”.

In addition to writing, Aphrodite is a well respected clairvoyant. Her main focus is providing psychic insight into the financial markets.

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