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50 year old vintage Volkswagen Kombi Type 2 passes through India

Mumbai, December 9, 2014: Five years ago, Jens Jacob, a German-born entrepreneur, embarked on an ambitious journey to explore the world, with the view to understanding different cultures and traditions. What is truly remarkable about this journey is that Jens set out in his 1965 Volkswagen Kombi Van, nicknamed ‘Bluee’. Yes, an around-the-world trip in a vehicle that’s almost 50 years old! Of course, it helps that the van is equipped with a small kitchen, a water tank, spares, tools and some books.

Jens Jacob 1

Jens started the journey alone, but now travels with his wife Cynthia, whom he met in Dubai. The duo have travelled over 26 countries, over 60,000km, including The Netherlands, Belgium, France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Greece, Turkey, Dubai, Oman and Iran. They are now in India.

The India leg of their journey began in Mumbai and will continue along coastal roads in the country, until the couple finally leaves for Nepal and Tibet, via West Bengal, and then on to Indonesia, via Vietnam.

With extensive travel comes deep introspection, and Jens carries with him experiences and learnings to last a lifetime, that are captured brilliantly in his eBooks, which are available at www[dot]bulliadventure24[dot]com

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