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500 trains to reach their destination faster, says Indian Railways

In a welcome development for travellers, the Indian Railways has announced today that 500 long distance trains will be reaching their destination faster. The travel time will be cut by up to two hours for these 500 trains. The list of trains and their new time-table will be released soon by the Indian Railways. A senior railway official said that the updated timings will most likely come into force in November. The new innovative timings of various long distance trains has been worked out based on the directions given by Railway Minister Piyush Goyal. As per the new time table, several of the country’s most popular trains will save around 15 minutes to 2 hours of their overall journey time. As per the new time table, there is also the provision for railway divisions to undertake maintenance works for two to four hours.

A senior railway official said that the new time table will seek to maximize the available rolling stock. He provided an example, saying that in case a train is waiting at a particular location to return, it can be used during the waiting period. He said that there are 50 trains that can be run like this. This would help reduce travel time by one to three hours. Since the time will be reduced, it would mean that the trains have become faster. In such cases, mail and express trains will be eligible to be upgraded to the superfast category. The trains themselves will also be able to run faster, based on improved tracks, and infrastructure upgrades such as automated signaling system and the advanced Linke-Hofmann-Busch coaches that can achieve higher speeds.

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