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502 Bad Gateway Error

In this article, we will explain what is a 502 bad gateway error on WordPress Website and how can you fix it. The 502 Bad Gateway errors is an HTTP status code that displays inside the web pages.

Whether you are a user or a developer, you need to consider the 502 bad gateway error on WordPress Website and how to fix it. We will walk you through the process of identifying causes and fixing 502 bad gateway errors on WordPress Website.

What is a 502 Bad Gateway error?

The 502 bad gateway error on WordPress Website response codes indicate that the server on the internet received an invalid response from cheap vps hosting plans server.

Sometimes, 502 error occur because of a problem on your computer or networking equipment. It can occur for a few reasons, which we’ll discuss in the next section.

There are many types of bad gateway errors such as 503, 504, and 500 errors. The 502 bad gateway message is a little trickier to overcome from any Wordpress Website.

What are the Reasons for the 502 Bad Gateway Errors?

  1. DNS Changes:Domain name is not fixed to the correct IP address or it is not fixed to any IP address. It is essential to understand that DNS changes could take some time to become fully activated.
  1. Origin Server Down: Sometimes the server is not reachable because the server might be down or there might be a connectivity issue.
  1. Firewall Blocks Request:A firewall blocks the communication between the servers, but the main purpose of a firewall is to protect the server. Sometimes it can be caused by security plugins of your CMS.

How to Fix a 502 Bad Gateway Error on WordPress Website

Following are the common causes and ways to fix the 502 bad gateway error and get back up and running your cheapest wordpress hosting site.

  1. Refresh the Page:When you see 502 error messages because the server is overloaded with an unexpectedly high amount of traffic or there is a temporary connection problem.  Only you need to refresh the page to fix it.
  1. Clear your Browser’s Cookies:If 502 error message error occurs, first you need to clear your browser cache and cookies is a smart idea because there is a case of a corrupted file staying in your browser.

Before you start to clear your browser cookies, you need to check your browser settings to ensure your passwords don’t get cleared in the process.

  1. Restart your Computer & networking device:A simple restart of your internet modem, router, switches, or other networking devices and wait for your computer to connect to the internet again.

Then open your browser and check whether the page can be loaded or not. It could resolve the 502 Bad Gateway errors.

Restarting your computer may be some temporary issues with your computer. Sometimes when you restart is all it takes to get things back to normal, especially seeing the error on more than one website.

  1. Switch to Another Browser:If you meet this error in your browser, then use an alternative browser doesn’t create a 502 Bad Gateway error. And check whether other browsers have this error or not.

There are many popular browsers including Firefox, Chrome, Edge, Opera, Internet Explorer, and Safari. If the error occurs with another browser, then you know that the problem is not here.

  1. Clear Local DNS Cache:If the DNS has recently changed or moved your website to a different IP address, the cache has not been clear then might be the 502 error can occur.

Also, it’ll make changes to your website’s DNS server. Hence, this could cause your website visitors a 502 Bad Gateway Error page.

  1. Contact your Web Hosting Provider:If your browser, computer, and internet are all working properly, and cannot figure out the solution to your 502 Bad Gateway error, then you need to contact your web hosting provider.

Your web hosting provider helps you to fix this error. If the problem originated from your website, they will possibly help you to find the solution within a few minutes.

Nowadays, every web hosting company provides technical support 24/7 via call, live chat, and email etc. Some even offer a ticket system to contacts.


502 Bad Gateway error is an HTTP status code error occurring when a gateway receives an inadequate response from the other servers.

In simple words, The MySQL hosting 502 gateway error is usually a network error between servers on the internet. Also, the 502 error message occurs when you try to visit any web page. There are many techniques to resolve this error.

If 502 error happen regularly, then contacting the web hosting provider might also be a good idea. Hope that you can fix your 502 error message by trying these solutions.

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