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6 Amazing Activities To Do in San Francisco with Teenagers

It is easy to travel alone or with your beloved to spend a romantic vacation together, but travelling with kids is totally different. I you have teens and tween then believe me that travelling will change quite a bit for you.

Weekends may be too short as a couple of days, but this doesn’t mean that you won’t enjoy your time… San Francisco has a lot to show you, especially if you are there for a wedding or any other private occasion and have some free time to hang around.

A vacation at San Francisco can be unforgettable, even with your teenagers kids around you. So first of all, you can definitely enjoy driving all the way up to San Francisco and won’t be able to resist falling in love with this city.

There are many activities you can try all together in a weekend to San Francisco, and this list has the top 6 activities you can enjoy with your teenagerd at San Fransisco.

1- Zephyr

You can stay at any hotel in San FraNcisco, but after experiencing some hotels, Zephyr and ended up being the perfect hotel offering great services and whatever you would like to do.

2- Alcatraz

Alcatraz Cruises are the greatest cruises which you can do in San Francisco and enjoy your time with your family, and your kids will enjoy it too. It is recommended to have the audio tour and to discover all the interesting facts, but make sure to book early, because the morning tour is the best.

3- Musee Mecanique

What a great Musee, actually your kids will love to go back to San Francisco each year just to go to Musee Mecanique! It is a wonderful and amazing, a collection of coin operated musical instruments and arcade machines. All of you will have a lot of fun, and don’t forget to take some family pictures there to remember your great moments.

4-  Boudin Bakery

Enjoy grabbing some bread (especially those having animal shapes) at Boudin Bakery and walking around Pier 39. You will find a lot of things to see and to do and don’t be surprised if you you found yourself spending a lot of time watching the amazing sea lions! There are many available choices so you can choose from an aquarium, mirror maze, laser maze challenge, street performers and more great activities that your teens will love to see once and more.

5- Muir Woods

Muir Woods National Monument is a unique part of California’s Golden Gate National Recreation Area, located at north of San Francisco. It’s famous for its huge old-growth redwood trees. It is a place which you must visit.

6- Walt Disney Family Museum

It is a huge Walt Disney Museum for families, and absolutely all about Walt Disney’s life and legacy. There is many things to know and discover as adults and kids even if you aren’t the biggest fan of Walt Disney. Actually, you may spend time here at the museum more than any other place.

These are only six of hundredth of things that you can enjoy in San Fransisco with your wife and teenagerss, it will be unforgettable trip.

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