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6 Best Earphones under 2000 Rs in India 2020

  1. Sony MDR-XB50AP with Extra Bass

Love the bass? Sony has something special for you. I am not a brand freak, but this earphone is awesome. The crystal clear and crisp sound that it delivers will make you buy it. Sony MDR-XB50AP also prevents the background noise from ruining your listening experience. This trendy headphone comes with a sleek and sophisticated design, which helps in enhancing your style while you are outdoors. It has an in-line mic with a button on it. This button can be used to play, pause or change the volume level. You can also pick and end calls with the button on the microphone. For all the bass lovers in India, this is the best earphone under 2000 Rs with the mic. It has 12 mm driver which is enough to shake your ears with deep bass and crisp sound. You don’t have to worry about tangles thanks to the wire with serration.

  1. Sony MDR-XB30EX Extra-Bass Stereo Headphone

Sony MDR-XB30EX is the second option in our list of best earphones under 2000 Rs. This is again a bass heavier earphone from Sony. From Music to watching movies it performs brilliantly. It lacks in only one thing which is the inbuilt mic. But on the other hand, its price is lower than the first option.Sony is famous for its crystal clear, crisp sound. You will not miss any music detail in Sony MDR-XB30EX in-ear headphones. It has an advanced direct vibe structure and 13.5mm driver units pump out intense bass and ultra-clear mid-range sounds.  It soft hybrid silicone earbuds come in four sizes for a perfect fit and solid sound isolation.It has soft hybrid silicone earbuds that come in four sizes for a perfect fit and solid sound isolation. This earbud also helps in noise isolation from surrounding noise. Moreover, serrated cord keeps the wire tangle free.

  1. Sennheiser CX 275 S In-Ear Headphone with Mic

Sennheiser CX 275 S is the third best earphone under 1500 Rs.  We are not going to compare it with first two earphones. Because both above earphones are above, 1500 Rs and completely beats Sennheiser. So now we have come down to the price range of 1500 Rs.Sennheiser, you all know about the reputation of this company. I have used and tested a lot of Sennheiser headphones and earphones. This company always have its earphones in the line of best earphones.Sennheiser CX 275 S is an in-ear universal mobile headphone. It means that it is compatible with almost all major cell phones and laptops. We have tested this earphone with a lot of laptops and smartphones, and we have haven’t got any compatibility issue. Design-wise, it looks very fresh and trendy. It has an inline mic with a single button to manage tracks and calls.Regarding bass, it is not as good as Sony earphones given above. But considering its price and sound quality this earphone is worth buying. Moreover, it comes with 2-years warranty that no other earphones have.

  1. Apple MD827ZM/B Ear Pods

You all know about the quality of Apple phones and headsets. Though they are costly, they are worth it. Apple MD827ZM/B is one of the best earbuds that you can buy under 2000 Rs. It has outstanding music quality. From fitting to looks it has scored good marks.These earphones provide a good noise isolation not as good as other earphones here. Now you can watchonlinemovies on your hand set easily with fantastic sound effects. But you can use them outdoors while much disturbance. They are thunderous. If you love loud music, you will be going to love them. But keep in mind loud music for long hours is bad for ears.Apple earphone comes with a mic that performs really good. The sound of the call receiving end was quite clear. There are two buttons on the mic that can be used to increase or decrease the volume.

  1. Soundmagic E10 In-Ear Earphone

Soundmagic E10 has an ergonomic design which offers a snug in-ear fit. It is available in colours like black and purple. These earphones sport a youthful design which looks pretty. It comes with three pair flat silicone ear tips (S/M/L), one pair double flange silicone ear tips (M), cable clip and travel pouch.Overall Soundmagic E10 is a good in-ear headphone. Music quality is just mind-blowing. From bass to highs it has everything in the balanced amount. But there is a little problem which is its price. If you are getting this earphone below 2000 Rs, then it is worth buying. Otherwise above 2000 Rs, I think that it is not good to buy.It has an inbuilt mic with a button to pick up calls and control music. The gold plated audio jack provides distortion-free music with long durability. Due to twisted cable architecture, you don’t have to worry about tangles.

  1. Skullcandy S2PGGY-392 Smokin Buds2

Skullcandy S2PGGY-392 is the second best earphone under 1500 Rs. This earphone comes in the fifth place in our list of best earphones under 2000 Rs. This earphone has decent audio quality but not better than above headphones. That is why it is in the fifth place. 9 mm driver is powerful enough to give you loud and clear sound. The bass is quite good, so is the treble. It has an in-line mic for calls and audio recording. Even at full volume, the sound is pretty clear. It is compatible with smartphones, MP3 players, tablets, and other audio devices. It comes with a 120 cm flattened cable that is tangle-free and makes using the pair convenient. This pair of earphones is also lightweight and portable so that you can carry or store it without any hassle. So overall it is a good alternative to Sennheiser CX 275 S below 1500 Rs.

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