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6 Easy Tips to Maintain a Small Inverter at Home

Image Courtesy: Luminous

The days when people used to use generators as a source of backup electricity are gone. Every day, with technology taking steps forward, numerous backup sources are developing. An inverter is the most widely used backup solution across India. Not only is it easy to install, an inverter also acts as a backup for powerful appliances that we use every day. 

We also need to provide some care for them, even though a small inverter needs little maintenance. These easy tips for maintenance of your inverter and battery will ensure a longer product life and ideal power output for all your requirements:

  • Buy a Compatible Battery for Your Small Inverter

The correct inverter battery is necessary and should be as per the house’s power requirement. Always ensure that a proper capacity-based Ah (Ampere hour) battery is purchased. And choose the capacity of the batteries depending on your power consumption.

  • Store the Small Inverter & Battery at An Airy Space

The inverter and its batteries do provide a lot of electricity, but they often heat up when charged or used. To ensure that heat dissipates efficiently from the unit, it is advisable to keep the small inverter and its battery in an open/airy place.

  • Keep the Small Inverter Away from Fire & Smokes

These inverter batteries should ideally be stored in a protected room, away from fire or smoke, as these factors might impact the batteries, resulting in excessive sparks and safety hazards.

  • Inverters Have to Be Regularly Inspected

Get the installation from India’s top inverter and battery providers and make sure you frequently use your device. It must be routinely tested, regardless of its size. That will allow you to know whether the inverter is in working order at all times. A dedicated service person should be called in for inspection as they are skilled in determining and fixing if the small inverter or battery is not in working condition.

  • Clean the Small Inverter Regularly 

Not only internal cleanliness, but the inverter’s surroundings should also be kept clean. Use a cotton cloth piece to clean the inverter’s top and sides, rendering it clean and clear of dust. The battery should be removed from the inverter before this step is completed, and appropriate measures should be taken. Using petroleum jelly on these terminals is also advisable to keep them free of corrosion.

  • Replace Worn Out Batteries

If they are worn out, replace the batteries in your small inverter. Batteries lose their assigned power over time, thus reducing the backup. Buy quality batteries that last longer and maintain the proper storage capacity of the charge. Batteries of low-quality fail prematurely and do not provide adequate backup. Some brands such as Luminous sell the most powerful batteries. They have a complex architecture, outstanding performance, longer operating life, and low maintenance.

For all households, electricity is a staple requirement, as all household appliances require power to operate. Electricity is needed for simple appliances like toasters to electronics such as TVs, ACs, refrigerators, smartphones, etc. There is a requirement for an alternative power supply that can keep these appliances going in your house because of the intermittent power supply in certain areas.

As mentioned earlier, inverters are one of the best alternative sources for backup. Suppose you want to buy a small inverter and battery for your home or office as an alternative power source. In such a case, it is vital that you carefully handle your inverter battery to get the most out of your buy and prolong its lifespan. Reliable brands such as Luminous offer a variety of different types of inverters and batteries. Choose the one best suited for your power requirements and get the best backup in your home.


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