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If you are a fan of basketball or even if you are not it doesn’t take a lot of brains to understand that vertical jump is a key factor is a basketball. Especially if you are not the tallest person on the field then you will have to rely on your explosive power delivery to the ground for a better jump. If you have a good vertical jump, it will not only help you with compensating for your height but also will improve your game dramatically. In this article, we will show you some methods on how to increase your vertical jump for basketball in a relatively short period of time.

Skipping rope

A very helpful exercise for your muscles to deliver a good amount of power on the ground in a short interval of time. It is easy and can be done anywhere and as much as you like.

Weighted squats

As mentioned a lot of time earlier that key to jumping higher is leg strength. Arguably the best exercise to increase leg strength is squats or to make it more efficient is weighted squats. Lift the weights that you can manage on your shoulders and do your regular squats. Start with 3 sets of 5 and gradually increase the weight and reps as you feel comfortable. Don’t overdo weighted squats too much as it may cause an injury.

Calf Raises

Now thighs aren’t the only muscles in your legs that needs to get stronger, your calves can definitely help you with some fast power delivery. Lift your body on your toes and then get back to your body back to normal position. Keep the movement slower to give your muscles better workout.

Box Jumps

Almost every vertical jump trainer will recommend some sort of plyometric exercise especially to increase your vertical jump for basketball. One such exercise that is very efficient is a plyometric jump. Place a box that can hold your weight on the ground with enough height that you can jump onto. Stand in front of the box at about 1-2 feet away and jump explosively on the ground and then in the crouch position get back to the ground. Start with 3 steps of 3 and increase gradually. Stay careful with this exercise because carelessness can cause injuries.

Stand on one leg

If you are someone that is a very busy person, you can do something as simple as standing on one leg. Although the gains or progress with this exercise will be slower as long as it makes your legs stronger it is helpful.

Trap-bar deadlift

Weighted exercises are the most efficient method of gaining strength. Trap bar deadlift is just your regular deadlift with a trap bar. Keep the trap bar as close to your body as possible with enough weights attached to it which you can lift without hurting your backbone. Slowly lift the weight as you go up.

Rest is also an important factor in the development of muscles and strength. Include at least one day of full rest per week and use alternate days for exercises to give your muscles some time to heal. Give time and dedication to your workout plan to achieve quick results.

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