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6 Great Themes for Your Princess’s Exquisite Quinceanera Celebration

Needless to say, you would do anything for your little girl. So, when the time comes for her quinceanera, you would certainly want to make sure that no stones are left unturned. For the most part, what makes a quinceanera special is the theme. Your little princess is slowly coming of age and it becomes your responsibility to give her the time of her life. And this includes making the occasion as exquisite as possible. This is where the theme comes in.

First and foremost, if you are in Houston, Texas, there are many reception Halls that offer great services for a Houston quinceanera. However, you might want to do your research before opting for one in order to find out if they offer the services you are looking for. As for the theme, read on as we have for you many great ideas to choose from.

Here are 6 quinceanera themes for your princess:

  1. Fairy tale theme: A classic since time immemorial, this is a great theme for a quinceanera. You can have the guests come in dressed as their favorite fairy tale characters. The décor shall be planned in the same manner. Opt for pink, blue, and white floral décor as it tends to go with the fairy vibe. The centerpieces can be of a golden finish to showcase the fairy castle looks. There are many party halls in Houston that provide centerpieces that blend perfectly with the theme besides taking care of your other requirements. Custom design cakes by renowned bakers and designers are a plus.
  1. Masquerade theme:As the name suggest, this theme is all about the magic. Think about a party, phantom-of-the-opera style. This one includes having your guests arrive with masks on. The perfect cinematic theme, this theme incorporates mainly the colors black, gray, navy blue, royal purple, gold, etc. This is a great option if you girl is not a big fan of pink. You can go for ribbons and bouquets of the mentioned colors. Many banquet halls in Houston provide customizable photography and video pricing packages so that you can cherish these moments with your little princess for life.
  1. Mariachi theme:To add spice to your daughter’s quinceanera, this theme is perfect. Mexican in nature, this brings in guitars, sombreros, piñatas and all such décor aspects. The most important thing in this theme is the music and the food. However, there are indeed some venues that, for your girl’s Houston Quinceanera, offer a mariachi band and Mexican cuisine. So, why not go Mexican?
  1. Candy theme: If your girl loves candies, this is just the perfect theme for her quinceanera.Candies are also a fabulous décor. For this one, perhaps the most important thing is to have a colorful cuisine consisting of chocolate fountains, cupcakes, cake pops, sundae bar, etc. Make sure to incorporate this variety of colors in the décor as well. Use balloons, flowers, ribbons and more.
  1. Western theme: A western theme is a very popular choice nowadays. Energetic, lively, this theme is a major opportunity for clicking pictures. Request the guests to come in country attire and have traditional American cuisine. The décor can have cowboy hats, wooden signs, rustic barn tones, bandanas, and much more. Cute and exquisite at the same time, your girl will definitely love this theme.
  1. Black and white theme: This is a very sophisticated theme as many girls do tend to like it a lot. If your girl likes it too then go for it. You can have a black&white ball dance. Ask your guests to wear black and/or white attire at their best. There are many halls for a Houston Quinceanera that provide ball rooms, with sound systems and even DJs.

These 6 themes are great for your little princess’s quinceanera. Just find out what she likes the most and find out which party halls in Houston can provide for your needs. Quinceanera comes only once, so make it special for her.

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