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6 Social Media Marketing Tips For WordPress Development Firms

Social Media Marketing Tips For WordPress Development Firms

The strategy for marketing a business in the virtual world will be incomplete without a comprehensive plan to target social media channels. WordPress development professionals must also invest in the tactics as it will benefit them by providing high visibility among potential clients. There are numerous agencies providing WordPress website development services and to in order to be noticed in the crowd, it is essential that the power of social media be harnessed for the purpose. The following social media marketing tips will be useful for professionals looking to promote their business in the virtual world:

1. Consistent Branding Strategy Across All Channels

It is essential to create a branding identity for your agency and for that it is necessary that the relevant strategy must be consistently applied across all channels. The logo of the firm along with the typography and colour elements must remain the same when they are displayed on any network. Moreover, the images or the colour scheme used for enhancing the content must also be uniformly applied on all channels. This will help in imprinting the visual image of your brand in the minds of the target audience and increase its recall value.

2. Create And Share Original And Useful Content

Content can be the most effective weapon for promoting your WordPress development agency in the virtual world. Invest in creating original content related to all aspects of the open source CMS that the audience finds useful and post it on all networks. Take care to customize the content according to the channel it is being shared on, like tweeting the website link to the content along with a small description on Twitter or using an eye-catching headline to attract readers on Facebook. Use optimized images to enhance the visual appeal of the content as well as its maximize its potential to improve the visibility of the business.    

3. Leverage The Power Of Social Proof

People running a WordPress development firm always ask their satisfied customers to provide reviews which they can display on the website. Go a step further and request them to post favorable reviews on the social media account of your company on various networks. The social proof earned in this manner will be immensely helpful in creating a good impression in the mind of anyone who comes across the post and will help bring in more clients. Moreover, people are more likely to trust their friends and followers rather than an advertisement when it comes to finding a dependable solution.

4. Take Care While Creating Profiles

The profile section of all the accounts is usually not given much importance but on the contrary, it can be very useful in leveraging the power of social channels. Take care while creating the profiles and choose your words thoughtfully to provide an accurate description of your agency. Optimize the content of the profile text with relevant keywords which must be selected after doing proper research.

5. Join Various Relevant Groups

WordPress web developers must join groups related to the area on various channels like Facebook, LinkedIn etc. and interact with other members regularly. Many people frequent these groups in search of solutions and if you provide them with appropriate answers then chances of them approaching you for a project are high. You can also ask questions to clear your doubts as the objective is to attain a high level of interaction which leads to improved visibility of your business.

6. Share Work Samples Regularly

There can be no better advertisement for your work than the completed projects of your agency and sharing the work samples on social media channels will help people get an idea about the quality of services that your firm can provide. Ensure to modify the strategy according to the network being used, like posting images of the websites will be helpful for Instagram while talking about the technical details of the project will be beneficial on Facebook.


WordPress development professionals must never ignore social media marketing as these channels possess immense potential for promoting a business, provided a well-thought and crafted strategy is used for the purpose.

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