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father and kidsA father-child relationship is always special as “gentlemanly” actions, choices, values and beliefs are somewhat different than those of the mothers. It is a different style of responsibility and commitment to a relationship by gender-nature. We discuss, what fathers do to make kids self-dependent, independent and confident in life.

  1. Take responsibility

A fatherly responsibility varies from that of the motherly nature. A father will take responsibility for own actions, values and beliefs to be taught to his children. Parenthood means different things to different people. A father is most likely to teach and help his children learn based on personal observations of the outside world.

He is likely to inculcate values and beliefs based on personal experiences of life. This action by a father may include sharing stories of family, important facts on family history, old family profession, status on health and so on to adopt a more pragmatic approach to life.

  1. Provide best things in life

As a parent, a father will work hard and guide his children to achieve more. He will not only strive to give the best to his child but do it purposefully and meaningfully so that his kids are happy and true-achievers in life. Recognising own children’s potential and nurturing their talent and outlook towards life, is a duty of every responsible parent.

As a father, this love extends a step forward by exposure gain in own life. Getting his child admitted to the best school to providing means to study better and harder are all a part of able fatherhood. He will participate in the child’s school life so that he becomes more able and self-confident going ahead.

  1. Empower them

A father will always find a way to empower his children. He will make them informed, self-dependent and independent in ways of conducting themselves. He is most likely to monitor their personal, social and emotional behaviour, like any responsible and committed parent.

He will take ‘extra care’ to make his child stand out and appear confident to deal with intricacies of life. Participation in social events, or getting his child enrolled for an ‘extra-curricular’ activity in sports, music, dance class or encouraging him to travel more to observe and learn new things in life, are some of the likely things which involve developing the talent of a child.

  1. Inspire them

Sharing his own story is one common thing which every parent does. A father will most likely do this to inspire his child to work hard and be a go-getter in life. A personal narrative is the best step at the beginning. What the father has done or how he has achieved success in life, is the best way to make them understand the realities of life and bond with them. It is a different kind of emotional bond.

  1. To achieve success

A parent will always aspire to a happy and successful life for own child. A father contributes to the growth story of the child in multiple ways. Like nurturing them to find solutions and being independent.

Every child has a special talent, basis which, h/she gets encouragement to do more in life. It is the responsibility of the parents to help them achieve the maximum in life. Talking about all important investments like introducing a child to different modes of savings or investment is really a parent’s job.

  1. Protect Them

A father will always work hard and strive to achieve the best things in life for his family. This involves his professional life and as an extension, inclusive financial planning for protection of his family. Children, in their growing phase, need to be protected emotionally and financially.

Therefore, the need for investment like buying a term insurance policy. As a responsible parent, a father is most likely to search for the best avenues of investment to secure the future of his family. And, even discuss certain things with them as they grow ahead confidentially in life. it is always wiser to confide in them than hide things from your children.

In the end, fatherhood or motherhood is not about any gender stereotyping. It is all about recognising the difference between a mother’s and a father instinct. A father, as a responsible parent, will always go the extra mile, whether it means seeking emotion or finding new avenues for giving financial protection to the family.

Fatherhood is a blissful experience full of personal, emotional and financial responsibilities. Therefore, we suggest a term insurance policy to provide emotional plus financial protection to the family, when you are not there so that they continue to live the way they are meant to.

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