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6 Tips For Senior To Stay Active And Safe During COVID_19

Our life has turned upside down with the spreading of COVID-19 pandemic. Social distancing becomes necessary in this social world. We all have started living a new lifestyle. It becomes important to stay at home to prevent ourselves from getting infected from coronavirus.

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the lives of everyone, but it has significantly affected the lives of older adults. The elderly people are at higher risk of extremely bad health due to COVID_19. Thus, they have to stay indoors and do not go out to reduce the probability of coming in contact with coronavirus.

Though it is important to stay inside the home to prevent yourself, it is also equally important to stay active while you have restricted yourself inside walls. It is important to ensure that they are physically and mentally active.

But, it is really challenging to determine the right physical activities for senior people while staying at home. Here, in this article, we are going to discuss various ways that can help you to keep senior in your house active while following rules of social distancing:

  1. Do Strength Increasing Exercise

There are some strength increasing exercises that can help the senior people to stay active and healthy while staying inside the home. They can do tai chi, stretching, and yoga to improve their flexibility level, overall mobility, and inner strength, as well.

If you do not know how to start doing these kinds of exercises inside your house, then you can watch an online tutorial. You can easily find indoor exercise videos, specially tailored for senior people. There is one more option to learn tips for doing indoor exercises i.e., take virtual classes hosted by the senior center.

Strength training plays a vital role in keeping senior people active and healthy while staying at home. Well, strength training exercise does not involve lifting heavyweight. Strength training exercises for senor people are different from adult people. In hot and humid weather, do not forget to turn on air conditioning Sydney before start doing exercise.

  1.  Keep Walking

At some places, it is allowed to people to go out for morning walk while maintaining distance with other people. First of all, you should determine that the weather is good or not. If the weather is favorable and there is no crowd outside, then senior people can step outside for a walk in the morning time.

Make sure you put on a mask and gloves.  You should take a walk around the neighborhood, and it would be enough for senior people. This short walk will help you to get rid of restlessness and uplift your mood and immune system.

If it is not possible to go out, then ask senior people in your house to walk around your home. If you keep walking inside your house, then it will help in increasing your daily step count.

  1. Start Dancing

Dancing will also help senior people active. It will not just offer health benefits to senior people, but also uplift their mood. Dancing is a kind of cardiovascular exercise, and it is a kind of low-impact exercise that can boost up endurance.

There is one added benefit of dancing i.e., and you will listen to your favorite music. Good music can help in pleasing your mind, and you will enjoy your moments.

  1. Do Gardening

The older adults who love to stay outdoor find it very difficult to restrict themselves inside their house in this pandemic. Gardening is a good option for these people.  They can enjoy the outdoor atmosphere while doing gardening in their yard. Gardening will not just improve the aesthetics of their house, but help older adults to stay active.

The gardening activities can burn your calories and let you enjoy green nature. Well, some older adults may be not capable enough to dig and do gardening. They must adopt other ways to leverage the benefits of gardening. They can plot small plants and herbs to maintain good indoor plants. These plants will improve the décor of your porch and patio.

  1. Ensure Safety

During the COVID-19 pandemic, you should avoid going hospital unless it is necessary. Thus, whatever senior people do should not lead to any harmful effects on their health. You should make sure that when elderly people in your house are doing exercise, then they do it in a safe and appropriate place.

During summer, you should turn on ducted air conditioning Sydney in their room so that they can sleep well. Otherwise, high heat and humidity can take a toll on their health.

  1. Start Doing Arts and craft

The senior people who have limited mobility will not be able to do gardening at all. These older adults can start doing art and craft to be active and happy. There could be anything in art and craft such as painting, coloring, knitting, etc. These activities will help older adults to maintain their good skills alive.

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