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60 dead after deadly fight in Brazilian prison

Over 60 inmates of a Brazilian prison lost their lives tragically in a prison fight between 2 of Brazil’s most notorious gangs. The fight happened in a Brazilian Amazonian prison that has left 60 dead with a few bodies decapitated and over a 100 seriously injured. The gang fight started in the Anisio Jobim Penetentiary Complex which is in Manaus, the capital of the Amazonas state of Brazil.

The rioters have taken 12 guards as hostages and a lot of prisoners, whose numbers are yet to be confirmed, have escaped. The riot is said to be due the war that is underway in between the two gangs to control the prisons, the lucrative drugs and narcotics routes of Northern Brazil. The war is between the Sao Paulo based First Capital Command and a local Amazonian group, Family of the North who have been engaged in a long running feud.

Brazil had over 6,00,000 inmates and its prison system is the largest after the USA, China and Russia. In order to taunt the Police, a prisoner has also posted over 60 selfies of himself and a few other inmates after running away from the prison.

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