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7 Alternatives to PipeDrive for an Effective Sales Team

PipeDrive is a well known platform that integrates CRM with email marketing efforts and a few other marketing automation features so that you are able to maximize all your efforts and turn them into a higher return on investment in terms of a high rate of conversion. Yet, there are a number of PipeDrive alternatives. Let us first understand what a platform like Pipe Drive is supposed to for a sales team, before we have a look at the PipeDrive alternatives, one by one.

Before we talk about PipeDrive and an alternative to PipeDrive, it is important to understand the functions of a sales team and why they need these kinds of platforms. Sales and marketing are two sides of the same coin. While marketing is the act of reaching out to the core audience of a business and engaging with them, sales follows the action through by engaging further and sealing a conversion and definite revenue for the business. This shows that both the functions are entwined with each other and the job does not merely stop once the product or service has been marketed. The sales part has to follow so that closing the deal and then servicing the client also happens. This would require a very careful combination of marketing automation with CRM. Let us understand why.

PipeDrive and many alternatives to PipeDrive will show us a reality that many of us may miss when it comes to running a business. The information that we have usually arms us in a way that we can reach out to our core audience with a better chance for conversion success. Let us start with the marketing part of it. The email marketing aspect as well as other elements like social media and landing pages along with website content and blogs can be brought together with marketing automation so that the sales team gets a definite push towards a sure shot conversion – or at least a chance towards the same. But what bridges this gap between reach and conversion? The answer is engagement. When you gain a subscriber, you are basically giving that person a call for action that says he or she will receive emails with buttons that help him or her make a purchase and become a customer of the products and services that you may be offering.

Now, the sales team would be able to execute this call for action with the help of information. Be it the database, or interactions with the customers, or any other form of information – it is all contained in the CRM system or the Customer Relationship Management system that is integrated with the marketing automation features. This enables the information to be called up for the relevant tasks that need to be fulfilled by the sales team members in order to close a sale and take a prospect towards the end of the tunnel where he or she would become a customer. This journey is also known as the sales pipeline which is the biggest function of any marketing automation platform as well as the CRM system that it is integrated with.

PipeDrive is a platform that offers a number of such services and features so that the sales teams of various businesses can thrive. While it focuses primarily on email marketing with a few marketing automation features, it also delivers the crucial CRM system that is required for all of this to help sales teams as well. Yet, alternatives to PipeDriveaccount for a lot of other benefits. One of the main benefits is that many of these alternatives offer a more full and wide range of features so that all the sales and marketing needs are met on the single platform at a lower cost. The support factor is also better in the PipeDrive alternatives, which makes for fat better performance for sales teams so that they do not have to spend their precious bandwidth trying to figure out the technicalities of setting up the system and its framework. Let us have a look at the top 7 alternatives to PipeDrive:

  1. EngageBay: This platform comes with a full suite of features and at affordable price points as well as the flexibility to change to an enterprise wide plan once your business actually scales up. You can also find all the support you need on this platform, which explains why it is the preferred platform for over 12000 people worldwide and why it has been the recipient of many awards as well.
  1. Sugar CRM: this is one of the new players on the CRM and marketing automation block with a number of features that set it apart from the competition as a PipeDrive alternative.
  1. Prosper Works or Copper: This platform also offers all the support for email marketing so that your sales team can be a well functioning one that brings in sure shot results.
  1. Insightly: This is a well known platform as well and it can be a PipeDrive alternative for the simple reason that it allows you to run your sales, marketing and other projects from the single platform in a simple way. Yet, this too is an expensive option as compared to a lot of other platforms which have been similarly fashioned.
  1. Pipe Line Deals: This platform allows you to set your sales pipeline for good results in terms of CRM and automation as well.
  1. Microsoft Dynamics: As an Enterprise Resource Planning tool and a CRM system with email marketing, the platform gives you a few features that can help small and mid sized teams.
  1. FreshSales: The focus of this platform is primarily on CRM. Yet, this platform is on the expensive side as compared to other alternatives to PipeDrive.

The analysis shows that EngageBay would give you the best returns for every dollar spent for your sales team, as an alternative to PipeDrive.

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