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7 Careers Which Suit A Music Lover

Music is one of the most  beautiful forms of art, which almost everyone love and appreciate. However, here is a good news for those who adore music and feel it in their blood, there are some ways to build your own career and do what you exactly love without playing for an audience or work hard to perfect your vocals.

If you want to work something related to music, choose one of this list of seven potential paths for music lovers:

1. Music teacher
This job needs to share your musical skills with some aspiring students. You can teach a group of young students the fundamentals of music, you will teach them the basics and inspire them to develop their own talents.

You have the option to work for a school or academy, or you can work independently by holding your own classes and programs. Don’t miss this and don’t worry whether you specialize with a specific instrument or the music as a whole.

2. DJ
DJs… is a popular phenomenon in most parties today, actually their mastery of music and beats entertain crowds and bring life to the party.Therefore, working local gigs will be a good job for you by adding your personal touch and excite audiences with amazing tunes to dance all the night. You will also have the opportunity to enjoy the events you perform at and meet new people.

3. Recording engineer
As a recording engineer, you will have to work on the technical aspects of music, which includes handling production and post production, such as recording, mixing and editing songs for albums.Actually, many hate this and call it the “dirty work” of the industry, but it’s crucial.

4. Music journalist
Music journalism is a great opportunity for anyone who is music is his passion but prefer to remain behind the scenes. You can cover concerts, profile artists and review albums for music magazines like Rolling Stone, Billboard or many others. You can also write for online music magazines.

5. Lyricist
Writing the sing is one of the most important steps for creating a good song, so if you have a knack for poetry, you can become a lyricist and write songs for musicians.

  1. Music agent/rep

After every famous singer, there must be  a team of smart and talented agents who promote their songs, albums and shows. Those agents are the only way which enable any musician to keep up with the contacts, events and social media.
To become a rep, you have to work at a music marketing firm or start your own to handle project management, press releases, interviews and many other tasks.

7. Music therapist
Many people consider music as a cure, it calms their mind and help them cope with difficult situations. Those people go for a music therapist who works with such patients to manage their stress and pain with the power of music.
You have to take various music therapy programs which will teach you how to apply various techniques to patients, then you will be able to be  certified and receive your credentials. You can also conduct music therapy through a private practice or at hospitals, rehab centers, mental health agencies, daycares, nursing homes and schools, according to the American Music Therapy Association.

These are the main 7 careers which can be driven by your passion to music… check if any of them interests you and get inspired.

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