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7 Common Mistakes People with Curly Hair Make

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Generally speaking, curls need extra love since they are more delicate than straight hair and if you have tighter curls, then each of your hair strands is more fragile than you can imagine. That is exactly why you have to be very picky when it comes to choosing hairstyles for curly hair.

If you are worried that your hair is becoming frizzy and dry with time, it is time to reevaluate your hair care routine. Are you giving your hair the love they deserve? Are you conditioning them as much as you can? Hair experts have revealed a fewmistakes we make on a daily basis that keep our curlsfrom thriving. Let’shave a look at them:

  1. Over cleansing

Yes, there is one such thing as over cleansing. You don’t need to wash your hair every day. Instead, your hair needs its natural oil to look great. When you shampoo frequently, you are drying it out. It is more than enough to shampoo your hair once or twice aweek.

  1. Skipping conditioner

Textured hair especially needs conditioning. It needs moisture to shine and bounce. Your curls need to be hydrated first. Buy a conditioner that contains shea butter, argon oil or coconut oil.

  1. Using a towel to dry your hair

A towel has tiny nubs that can fluff up hair cuticle. This causes frizz. It also absorb toomuch water out of your hair that makes it tangle. Instead of usinga towel, use a cotton T-shirt. You will be amazed to seethe results.

  1. Excessive heat styling

Of course, you should try different hairstyles forcurly hair but excessive heat styling can destroy your curls. Even if you pass your hair from a flat iron once, it can change your curl pattern permanently. If you don’t want that, then minimize heat styling. As you do that, you will see that your hair now is less damaged and looks smoother than before.

  1. Applying the wrong type of hairstyling products

People with curly hair must stay away from products that contain silicones.  It is just a band-aid, not a long-term moisture. In fact, they create an illusion of shine and keep your hair away from moisture. They are not water-soluble which is exactly why your hair becomes unmanageable.

Other than this, any styling product that contains alcohol is bad for your curls. It sucks up all the moisture and does not allow your hair to bounce. Look for such products that eliminate frizz and leave an oil finishing. That is the only way your curls will look great.

  1. Touching your hair

If you are guilty of touching your hair too often, stop that right away. This not just breaks the curl pattern but also causes frizz.

  1. Not protecting your hair while you are asleep

Hair experts say that people with curly hair must wear a satin scarf before sleep. Or they should sleep on a pillowcase case. Cotton pillowcases soaks the natural oil from your hair. On the other hand, silky fabrics preserve the shine and even reduce tangling.

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