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7 Common Parenting Myths

To handle, and lives characterized by fulfilment and perfection. We have compiled a list of myths to debunk and make life easier.

Myth 1: Baby spoiling comes from holding them too much.

There is no such thing as being too tactile when a baby is a newborn. Having been held in utero for nine months, they need snuggle time. So don’t be too worried about holding and snuggling your adorable newborn, thinking you might make them feel uncomfortable.

Myth 2: Babies who are easy to deal with grow up to be hard kids.

It is almost certain that you will hear many people telling you in no uncertain terms that your smiley, happy, snooze-through-the-night baby will become a terror as they grow old. Nevertheless, this is not the case. Some kids are just easy to deal with, but that doesn’t mean they’ll be difficult later in life. A lot of them start simple and stay simple.

Myth 3: Babies only cry when they’re tired, hungry, sick, or injured.

Your baby will cry over many different things, and most of the time, you can’t find out why they’re crying. Sometimes, they cry for no reason whatsoever. Although it’s nice to think there’s a comprehensive list of reasons your baby might cry, that’s rarely the case.

Myth 4: Kids are spoiled by parents who readily say “Yes.”

Another common myth! This isn’t necessarily true since kids are more bullied when told ‘No’.For instance, Whenever your kid desires clothes similar to their favourite Marvel or Disney characters, as a mother, you may need to explain why anything other than Organic clothes are not appropriate. You may want to do this because you are focusing on what they are going to hear. If they are not giving you their undivided attention, they may only hear “no”.

Myth 5: Parenting comes naturally

Most likely not. A good number of qualified and unqualified people are willing to share their knowledge on how to parent better. On the whole, parents are doing well when searching for information about parenting and children development. It is crucial to seek out trustworthy people, support, and resources.

Myth 6:Sleep training will come naturally when your baby is ready for it.

Sleep training certain babies can be challenging. It is a lot easier to sleep train them if you do it before they can pull themselves up to stand. Most of it has to do with how willing a parent is to let their baby cry. However, you may want to ensure a comfortable sleeping environment such as regulating the temperature, a warm baby blanket, etc.

Myth 7: Loving your children too much will lead to codependency in them.

Your children need nurturing, guidance, support, and a parent who can read them, so they can learn how to solve problems and regulate their emotions. It is critically important to communicate effectively with your child and positively impact their social and mental development.


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